Top Three Web Hosting Deals

Top Three Web Hosting Deals

Having a website is essential if you are in business, but that is normally more than just throwing together a site and putting it with a cheap host. Cloud technology has changed a lot about how business operates on the internet and relates with potential and current customers, and there are companies specializing in web hosting. A website and associated informational technology is more than just selling products and services. You can use the cloud and online web hosting to automate your business and become much more efficient. Three solid web hosting operations with good reputations are Alert Logic, IBM and HP. These hosts can offer you full use of cloud technology as well as the security you need for your business. With potential problems such as hacking now a reality, you need a company like one of these to make sure your business is safe in the modern age.

Alert Logic focuses more on security, and they combine software solutions with security operations as well as security research. This company can monitor your entire system, analyze everything that is going on, and protect the network. Their program can spot intrusions, assess where you are vulnerable, and offer effective log management solutions. This business solution provides constant 24/7 monitoring. One thing they do that is a bit unique is security research, constantly looking for new threats that may be out there. Alert Logic can protect your website from hacking, and protect your entire IT department with the technology your company uses. Alert Logic offers a complete internet security service. You can get any part you wish, and combine parts of their services and products to meet your needs.

IBM is perhaps the oldest name in the computing world, and they have grown as technology has changed over the years. IBM is using AI technology and is researching how this can be used even more as part of a security solution. There are 60 data centers around the world that make up the cloud for IBM, and you can also have your own private cloud if that fits into what you need. Business is done more and more over the internet, and with IBM security, you can take your business there and know you are secure. IBM also offers help to startups that may not be all that big. You may also have your website hosted with them, and develop your own mobile system. They also do backup and restore operations, and emergency disaster recovery is also available.

HP has been around the computer world for awhile, and has been mostly known as a computer giant in the industry. HP also offers a full range of business solutions geared around using the equipment they make. Putting these two together might be a good option for businesses in the digital age. HP can fix your equipment when it breaks down, but more than that, they can make sure it runs well on the cloud and on the internet. Their managed solutions can make sure you are secure as you do your business. They can monitor your website as well as all your electronic operations to avoid threats that are out there. Hacking is a major problem, and it is a good to have a company like this protecting you from that threat.

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