T-Shirt Printing Deals

T-Shirt Printing Deals

Custom T-shirts and apparel are still one of the best ways to attract notice for a new or existing business. Whether the shirt is used for purely promotional purposes or is part of a standard uniform issue, quality and price are important. On the quality front, the shirt needs to be comfortable and made from a durable fabric able to stand up to the grind of a workday or a day out. It also needs to hold a logo well without excessive fading or chipping of the logo before the shelf life of the shirt wanes. For outfitting an entire store or providing a top-shelf promo item to as many customers as possible, price is also important. Look for discounts on bulk orders and pick a streamlined shirt cut for the lowest costs possible. When price is not a primary concern, consider higher-quality fabrics for enhanced durability.

When you require T-shirts only on an as-needed basis or want to beta test a few different designs, VistaPrint allows you to order as few as one custom basic T-shirts. One basic white logo shirt starts at $10, or $7.49 with a default promotional discount. An order of six reduces the price to $6.75 per shirt. The price point per unit stays at $6.75 on orders up to 500, the largest quantity offered directly on the website. Customizations, such as alternate colors, cost extra. Long-sleeve t-shirts are also available at $10.50 per shirt. For options beyond the basic tee, premium fabrics and brands, such as Under Armour, are available for customization. A customized Under Armour locker tee starts at $28.80 while an American Apparel women's fine jersey T-shirt starts at $19.46. No minimum quantity is required.

At 4imprint, T-shirt options range from the basic tee to athletic T-shirts and V-neck options. Customize shirts with your business logo or slogan and choose from a variety of colors for each style. A ladies v-neck provides contour with a 60/40 cotton/polyester blend starts at $11.95 per unit with a minimum order of 18. If your order is jumbo-sized, the unit price decreases to $5.50 for 1008 shirts or $8.50 for 72 v-necks. On the basic front, a Hanes tagless T-shirt with your company logo starts at $8.49 per shirt for orders of 18. Orders of 36 see the price decrease to $6.49 per shirt. For a corporate outing, a retro-inspired baseball T-shirt runs $11.99 in orders of 18 or $7.39 per shirt for an order of 144.

At Logo Sportswear, all the best brands, including Nike, Patagonia, The North Face, Columbia, Under Armour and Eddie Bauer, are available for corporate customization. For a basic T-shirt, a unisex Gildan adult T-shirt is easily customized with a printed logo. Orders of one to five cost $24.99 per shirt. Orders of 12-23 reduce the price to $11.99 with the lowest price per unit of $8.99 achieved with 72 or more ordered. A Carhartt pocket T-shirt can be customized for rugged workers at $25.99 per shirt at any order level. Adult sleeve stripe jerseys add a sporty flair starting at $31.99 per shirt for orders up to 11 and reduce to $20.99 on orders from 72 to 95. Instant quotes can also be obtained for larger purchases. Multiple color variations in each design are available, and buyers can select higher-end print options for an added cost.

For the best custom business T-shirt experience for staff, consider making a few designs available. Different cuts work better with different body types, so a more diverse selection helps your entire staff put their best foot forward. Check out all the options available from top custom T-shirt printers and narrow your selections based on need.

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