Flea Control for Dogs

Flea Control for Dogs

Flea treatments for dogs should be convenient and effective, but also safe enough to use around kids and other pets. There are two different types of flea treatments for dogs that can be used that are the most convenient and effective. Spot-ons are liquid formulas that are concentrated, which are applied to the dog's necks. The medication will dissipate into the dog's skin oils and kill fleas and prevent new ones for up to 30 days. Oral medications will transfer into the bloodstream, and then when fleas bite they are exposed to the insecticide and die. While oral products are faster, they don't prevent the dog from any future infestations. An effective flea treatment must use a pesticide and the EPA should approve pesticides. Dog owners will want to have safe, people friendly and dog-friendly ingredients for treatment. Some treatments include Frontline Plus, PetArmor Plus, and Bayer Advantus Soft Chews.

Frontline Plus is one of the fastest flea treatments. It goes to work within four hours and wipes out 100% of the fleas within 12 hours. Not only does it kill any adult fleas and ticks, but it will also work on the next generation of larvae and eggs for 30 days. Frontline Plus has an easy-to-use applicator that doesn't leak out. It comes with two tough killing ingredients. Fipronil will kill the adult ticks and feels and methoprene will attack the larvae and flea eggs. These two ingredients work to deliver protection to the dog all month long. It doesn't need to just be used for a flea infestation and can be used to prevent fleas if applied in monthly doses. There are different size doses for bigger dogs. Prices start $66.59 for six doses for large dogs between 45 and 88 pounds. Some retailers offer discounts for automated shipping so owners always have the monthly dose.

PetArmor Plus is similar to Frontline Plus with the same ingredients used to kill fleas and prevent any future flea infestations and the applications are similar. PetArmor Plus is similar to apply, but some users say it is a little more difficult. It does have a nicer smell than some other products and can be described as citrus rather than a chemical odor that is noticed with most other spot treatments. PetArmor Plus will start killing fleas within the first 12 hours and will protect the dog for the same time period. The waterproof formula will also control mites, as well as the different types of ticks that can cause Lyme disease. PetArmor Plus is one of the cheaper options, starting at $41.39 for six doses for dogs from four to 22 pounds. It is available in packages for dogs up to 132 pounds.

Bayer Advantus Soft Chews are a fast-acting oral medication that has imidacloprid and nitenpyram to help kill up to 96% of fleas within the hour. This type of medication is designed to last only 24 hours, and for dogs that need preventative treatment, dog owners will need to follow up with spot-on treatments. The insecticide in this product does disperse through the dog's bloodstream quickly, in order to kill the infestation before it gets any worse. These soft chews smell and look like normal dog treats, so the dog won't mind taking these and dog owners won't have to use other tricks in order to get dogs to take them. Prices start at $54.99 for 30 soft chews and can be used on puppies and dogs starting at 10 weeks and that weigh four pounds or larger.

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