Exotic Galapagos Island Cruises

Exotic Galapagos Island Cruises

For travelers who want to get back to nature, the Galapagos Islands are a prime vacation destination. In addition to hosting plenty of wildlife and plant life for review, the islands helped Charles Darwin form the Theory of Evolution and focus on preserving native species. A trip to a portion of the 18 main islands and four minor islands will expose you to various forms of marine and plant life as well as mammals and native reptiles. The islands also feature a variety of hotels and shops designed for tourists who want to explore nature's bounty. Want to get up close and personal with nature? Snorkeling, kayaking, diving and hiking are a few activities to take you closer to the wildlife and natural wonders, such as the island's volcanoes. Popular travel packages to the island include cruises or tours ready to help you navigate island hopping.

Kensington Tours based out of Ontario, Canada, coordinates a variety of Galapagos Island tour packages designed for solo travelers, couples and families. With land and sea based options, it is easy to customize the experience to suit preferences or desires to interact with certain animals. The Galapagos Island Explorer package starts at $5,936 per person for seven days. The trip starts in Ecuador before flying over to the Galapagos on day three for an afternoon on the water. Other planned activities include hiking, kayaking and private tours to neighboring islands. Galapagos by Land & Sea starts at $9,130 per person for 13 days of adventure. In addition to time spent on mainland Ecuador, guests spend three nights at the Galapagos Habitat Hotel and four nights onboard the Galapagos Legend with day excursions to various islands.

With Audley Tours, island hopping or an experience aboard a luxury yacht, await. For $8,225, a 12-day island-hopping tour starts with an international flight - note prices are based on departure from United Kingdom airports. Audley also offers a low-cost 11-day option with a cruise around the islands for $5,818. All seven days spent in the Galapagos will be on board ship. Trips generally start in Quito, Ecuador and feature tours of the capital city before departing for the islands for adventure. Stays on the Galapagos are broken across multiple islands and include both beachfront and in-town accommodations on hybrid tours. Excursions are well-coordinated with journeys by small plane and speed boat. Private tours are designed to provide enhanced access to wildlife in its native habitat and plenty of leisure time is incorporated for independent exploration or relaxation.

With GalapagosCruise.com, bargain prices on sea-based adventures are promised with trip durations of seven to 16 nights. Prices vary based on the individual deals obtained. For example, a 7-night Galapagos cruise starts at $10,139 but is tied to a Sept. 29 departure on Celebrity cruise lines. Trips scheduled as far ahead as April 2, 2020 starting at $8,000 with Celebrity cruises. A seven-night cruise features a three-day land tour. The trip starts and ends in Quito, Ecuador before a transfer to Baltra in the Galapagos Islands to start the cruise. Each day features one or more different island destinations with allotted private exploration times of approximately three hours. Nights spent in Baltra and Quito include land-based accommodations.

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