The Best Premium Teas You Can Buy Online

The Best Premium Teas You Can Buy Online

There's nothing like a good cup of tea, especially when you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. These days, you can save both time and money by skipping the trip to the grocery store and ordering tea online. There are more online retailers offering tea than ever before, but of course not all are convenient or well-priced. And if you're looking for premium quality tea, things can get downright discouraging really fast. This is especially if you're like most people and head straight to a major general retail site like Amazon, eBay, or (while you can find some good deals here, the premium tea selections can be limited, and they can be tough to find). So for the best quality products that are also a great value, look for retailers that specialize in premium teas. Read on to learn more.

A family-run business, Harney & Sons have been selling tea since the 1980s. Their online store offers a wide range of teas, from traditional English and Asian styles to modern blends. You'll find regular site-wide discounts (they are currently offering 20 percent off), but for some of the best deals take a look at their collections section. Here you can get an array of different types of teas in beautifully crafted boxes, making for ideal gifts for a fellow tea-lover (or upping the decadence during your own tea-time). One of the best-value premium tea boxes is Harney's Wooden Tea Chest with eight different kinds of tea. This five-star rated box comes with a total of 32 individually wrapped satchets and is listed for only $48.50. By comparison, many collections like this go for upwards of $60 elsewhere.

If you're more in the market for loose leaf or single-type tea packages, consider Whittard of Chelsea. While this retailer also sells varied boxes, a lot of their best value deals can be found in their general tea section. Here you'll see deals like 50 English Breakfast tea packets for just $6.50 (by comparison, many competitors sell half that amount of tea for the same price) and 30 grams of Golden Chamomile Loose Leaf Tea for just $8.00! These deals are practically unseen elsewhere, especially when it comes to high-quality premium teas. Still, Whittard seems not to have compromised on either quality or value for the duration of their business. While they've only been selling tea online since the early 2000s, their tea business roots go all the way back to 1885!

Another great online retailer to check out for premium teas is English Tea Store. As their name suggests, this retailer specializes in a wide selection of English-style premium tea products. However, they really set themselves apart from the competition with their constantly updated sales section. While their regularly-priced products are almost always great value, it's in the sales section that you'll find some seriously impressive deals from day to day. For example, they are currently offering Loose Leaf Raspberry tea for only 75 cents an ounce, which is basically unheard of among most other retailers. It's also worth pointing out that English Tea Store offers flat rate shipping of only $4.95 and free shipping on orders over $50.

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