Best Online Psychology Degree Programs

Best Online Psychology Degree Programs

Psychology is the study of people, including their behavior, motivations and problems. Many people from every walk of life choose to study psychology for many reasons. Some feel that studying psychology simply helps them to understand themselves or loved ones. Psychology is also a rigorous discipline that helps to prepare students for graduate programs in psychology, or for study in areas such as medicine, law or the life sciences. Psychology programs prepare individuals for careers in academia, laboratories, organizations, human resources departments, as counselors, and in many other careers. Many people who want to further their education and careers have other obligations, such as family and work, that make it impossible for them to attend college in person. Online programs can fill that need, especially if you choose a good program that is flexible and allows you to maintain your other obligations.

Capella University offers a wide degree of Psychology programs online, at every level. You can choose a program that focuses on clinical, academic or research aspects, depending on your future goals. If you want a certificate only, you can study Applied Behavioral Analysis or Play Therapy. You can get a Bachelor's degree in General Psychology or Pre-Counseling, or an accelerated degree where you get both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees together in Clinical, Higher Education or Education. There are also several more programs at the Master's and Doctoral level, including Addiction Psychology and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. FlexPath means you can take your classes at your own speed, so you can save money by getting through your requirements quickly, and the programs are designed to help you get to your next educational or vocational goal.

Kaplan University also has several different kinds of Psychology programs, offering flexible learning and competence-based credit. At Kaplan, your education is based on real world experience, and allows every student flexibility. There are even opportunities for students to lead classes. Students receive both transcripts and Competency Reports, so they not only know their grades but can show a clear picture of their skills and abilities relative to their programs. Students can receive certificates in areas such as Addictions, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. There are Bachelor's programs in multiple areas, including ones dealing with Addictions, Applied Behavior Analysis and Human Services. Master's programs include basic Psychology, Educational Psychology, and Human Services. Kaplan also offers a 3-week risk-free trial, so students can decide if the program is right for them after trying it themselves.

Penn State World Campus is part of Penn State, a nationally recognized university that has been serving as a standard of high quality since 1855. Penn State also has the largest alumni network in the United States. The courses offered online are rigorous, and the diploma you receive will look the same as if you took your classes the traditional way. Classes are fully supported, and students have access to student advising, career counseling, tutorials and technical support. You can receive a variety of degrees at every level, starting with undergraduate certificates in Adult Development and Aging Services and Children, Youth and Family Services. There are also several minors, including Human Development and Family Studies, Labor Studies and Employment Relations, and you can earn an Associate's or Bachelor's degree in those two fields. There are also graduate degrees, including graduate certificates and Master's programs in Human Resources and Employment Relations, Organization Development and Change Occupational Safety and Health, and others. The majors and minors are interdisciplinary, and anyone interested should talk to an admissions counselor or send for information. 

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