Fine Wine or Wine Whine?

Everyone loves wine. Well, not necessarily everyone, but a large percentage of the United States population enjoys wine on a daily basis, either with dinner, or as a treat at the end of a long day. There is even a name for people who are seriously into wine: Oenophiles. Oenophiles know the labels, the vineyards, different types of wines, and sometimes even take wine themed vacations to various vineyards like Napa Valley in California or Virginia Wine Country. Even Ohio has quite a few lovely vineyards to partake in specialized tastings. While the average person might know a bit about the wine they like to drink, a lot of people still harbor some old school myths about wine. Here are the top eight “wine myths” that people think about when drinking wine.

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MYTH: Expensive Is better

This isn’t necessarily true anymore. Many different mainstream vineyards grow quality grapes that make fantastic reasonably priced wine. Keep in mind if you buy a bottle of wine at a restaurant the markup is usually around 40% over the retail price. Buying wine from your local wine store or even the grocery store can allow you to peruse many different types of wines that are $12 or less even. Sometimes the specialty grocery stores have hired wine sommeliers to help you pick out your wine selection. Telling them your budget will allow them to pick out a great wine for you at an even better price.

MYTH: Wines need to be cork sealed

Another change in the wine industry is that more and more vineyards are sealing their wines with a screw cap. That used to mean that you were buying a pretty cheap wine if it was topped with one of those bad boys. Now, more upper end vineyards are sealing with the cap to prevent a bottle being “corked.” When a bottle is “corked” it just means that’s it’s gone bad and is actually so bad that it’s worthy of a refund. Wine experts estimate that 1 out of 10 bottles are “corked.” So if there isn’t a cork, there is no chance of it going bad before you have a chance to sip it.

MYTH: Inexperienced wine drinkers like sweeter wine

This is more a matter of personal choice. Sure, if you are newly 21 and buy one of those big bottles of pink wine (White Zinfandel ) because that’s what your Grandmother used to drink, then maybe you don’t know a whole lot about wine. There are some really fantastic vintages that are on the sweeter side, like ice wine or Sauternes.

MYTH: Only red wines should be cellared

This is just plain ridiculous. There are many different varieties of white wine that are worthy of placing in your home cellar. Vintage Champagne, Sauternes, German Rieslings, and even some dry white wines from places as diverse as the Loire Valley, Western Australia, and southern Spain are just as age worthy as any reds.

MYTH: Red with steak, white with fish

This myth is probably one of the oldest in wine history. Whoever started this probably didn’t drink wine. If you are out at a restaurant and the sommelier will help guide you as to the best wines with each course of your meal. He or she will also take into account your likes and dislikes. So if you are a die hard red Zin fan, but happen to be eating fish, they won’t try to dissuade you from having what you will truly enjoy.

MYTH: No wine before 5pm

If you are out to lunch with some girlfriends or at home looking to relax after work and you want to open a bottle before 5pm. Go ahead! That’s really your own business about when you want to enjoy a glass of wine or two.

MYTH: Chardonnay is lame, and so is Merlot

This is also one of those completely silly myths. Chardonnay still happens to be the number one most consumed wine in the world. Merlot fell out of favor when that movie “Sideways” blasted it’s drinkability. Both are still very drinkable varietals. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should and shouldn’t drink.

MYTH: Wine will cause you to gain weight

Anything in moderation isn’t going to cause you to gain excess weight. If you get so drunk off a bottle of wine that you consumer a bucket of fried chicken or a pizza in the middle of the night. Well, that’s going to be the cause of your weight gain. Wine per glass, which is about 5 oz only has about 120 calories. That’s less than a can of soda and way less than your average Starbucks Frappuccino.