What Really Works to Catch Her Eye

You met an awesome girl and you want to get her thinking about you -- but how? Try too hard, and you're likely to push her away. Don't try hard enough, and your efforts may go unnoticed. The key is using subtle tricks to catch her eye without doing anything that's too out of character. Here you'll find several tactics from dating experts that could leave your dream girl just as curious about you.

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FACT: Sell yourself, but do it carefully.

Women love men who have unique talents. Don't be so quick to brag if your only real skills are playing video games and choosing the best comic books. But if you're into skiing, surfing or skydiving -- or if you've traveled or speak different languages -- then you'll have a huge advantage over the rest of the dating pool. Don't dominate the discussion though to talk about your talents; wait for the right moment to bring something up. She will definitely start seeing you in a better light.

FACT: Pay attention only to her.

When hanging out with your crush, try to make her feel like she's the only thing on your mind. Ignore everything else happening around you and maintain good eye contact. Ask her lots of questions (and follow-up questions) and listen to what she has to say. She'll feel more connected through your persistent eye contact, but more importantly, she'll appreciate your listening skills and feel that you care.

FACT: Poke fun at yourself.

Women don't often like men who take themselves too seriously; in addition, they tend to love men who make them laugh. Kill two birds with one stone by poking just a bit of fun at yourself. Share a couple of stories about how you did something silly, or talk about the time a great plan backfired into an embarrassing situation. This kind of humor shows you're confident and comfortable in your own skin, and confidence is always attractive.

FACT: Appear confident.

When you see your crush at the bar or on the street, how do you approach her? Do you shuffle up and divert your gaze? Do you seem in a hurry? Do you trip over your words?

Next time you see her, try this. Slow down as you approach her, and move your shoulders slightly to show you're relaxed and in control. Smile at her and keep eye contact. Stand tall. All of this is body language that conveys control and self-confidence, and women always love men who are confident.

FACT: Don't be afraid to disagree.

Does she disagree with you on who should win the Super Bowl or whether Christian Bale was a better Batman than Michael Keaton? If so, don't be afraid to engage in some friendly back-and-forth over these lighthearted topics. This kind of banter can help you appear more interesting, and she'll immediately feel more comfortable if you're receptive to what she says. Plus, friendly arguments can easily become playful and flirtatious.

MYTH: Impress her with how much you know about politics and current events.

If you want a girl to feel connected with you, then the last thing you want is for her to feel inferior. Don't try to impress her with how much you know about politics, world events or other big topics. Keep your conversations with her fun and lighthearted, and follow up with topics you think she will find interesting. Another reason why you don't want to harp on world events and political issues is you may not know as much as you think, and she may be much wiser. You don't want to overwhelm her, but you also don't want her to think you're an idiot.

MYTH: Show off your conversational skills by gossiping about people she doesn't know.

If you want to really stand out to her, don't be negative. Don't talk bad about your family, your coworkers or any of your friends. The more you gossip, the more she'll associate you with negativity, and that's the last thing you want.