Top Myths and Facts about Home Siding & Install

Does your home need new siding? High quality and properly installed siding can make all the difference for your home, not only in aesthetic, but also in terms of maintenance. When siding is installed properly, it will make your home look beautiful. Not only that, but it will prevent water damage as well as pest and rodent infestations. Taking care of your home when it comes to home siding can increase the value of your home dramatically, allowing you to increase equity and potentially sell the home for a greater amount later on. Whether you’re sprucing up your home to boost property value or you need to repair the siding due to flood or other damage, there are many misconceptions. Read on to learn more about the myths and facts surrounding home siding and installation.

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MYTH: There is only one type of home siding.

Driving around your neighborhood, you may only see one type of siding. That's because there are many types of home siding, but certain climates or budgets are best suited for a particular type. Actually, there is a wide variety of types, colors, and materials that home siding can be made out of and you just have to shop around. Y

MYTH: Home siding only looks pretty.

Home siding has many more benefits than just making your home look nice. Not only does it helps prevent water damage and pests, but it also helps with insulation. That means it can keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, similar to the way a thermos acts on food. Quality home siding is like a thermos for your home!

MYTH: Home siding installation can only be done by expensive contractors.

This isn't true at all. Home siding installation can be done by many different types of companies, from big box home supply chains like Home Depot to smaller mom-and-pop hardware and maintenance shops in your town. You just have to ask around to find the best, most trusted companies in your area.

FACT: You can install home siding yourself.

If you have the know-how, or the determination to learn how to do it, you can install home siding yourself. All of the materials are readily available at stores like Home Depot, and their home improvement experts can give you tips on how to complete your project perfectly. 

FACT: Home siding can be done on a budget.

Home siding should be done with the best available materials and completed by someone who really knows how to do the job right. That said, you can find affrodable contractors and supplies if you're on a budget, but you need to determine whether or not the price is right for the quality. Ultimately, the value of the home siding installation will come down to how much effort and money you put into it.

FACT: Even lesser known companies can do a great home siding installation.

While Home Depot is great, you might want to invest in a smaller maintenance or home improvement company that will give you the personalized touch you crave. Companies like Bruce Construction Company in Pittsburgh have provided quality home siding for years and will make sure to take care of you.

FACT: Vinyl home siding is a popular choice.

Some people say that vinyl home siding looks fake or overly manufactured. On the contrary, vinyl home siding is affordable and can make your home look just as authentic and comfortable as any other type of siding. It is also very durable, even in extreme weather.

FACT: Affordable home siding can stand up against all weather.

Properly installed home siding can stand up to rain, hail, sleet, snow, and high winds. It also can beat back the heat and desolation of the sun's harshest rays. Unless you own a massive mansion, you can generally get home siding installed without breaking the bank.