Top Myths About Hankook Tires

The new year has arrived and it's the perfect time to celebrate the new year with some brand-new Hankook tires. Hankook tires offer improved performance, longevity and durability, allowing for endless comfort out on the road no matter how challenging the road conditions might be. When you buy Hankook tires online you can find plenty of ways to save on tires, shipping costs and even installation fees. Take advantage of competitive prices for the new year by browsing online for Hankook tires. However, before making your purchases, there are some myths about Hankook tire deals that need to be cleared up. If you are interested in getting a new set of Hankook tires for your car, truck or SUV, check out these top myths about Hankook tire deals online that every driver should know.

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FACT: America's Tire offers insanely low prices on Hankook Optimo tires.

At America's Tire, you can get the best Hankook tires at the best possible price. Not only can you get the Optimo 724 for less than $50 per tire, but you can also search for tires at a store near you, so that you can get them a lot sooner.

MYTH: It’s hard to find good savings on Hankook SUV tires.

It's actually not all that hard to find good savings on the top Hankook tire models. By searching online, you can find a number of retailers that offer the top tire models for your vehicle, such as the Hankook Dynapro AT-M which starts at less than $127 per tire.

FACT: You can save money by using a credit card.

Getting a credit card from retailers like America's Tire is another excellent way to save. Should you get approved, using your America's Tire credit card on some of the top rated Hankook tires can save you $40 on a set of four tires thanks to a mail-in rebate.

FACT: You'll need your receipt.

You will need to submit your receipt. If you would like to keep your receipt or you lose the original receipt, you can submit a copy of the receipt. All you need to do is take a picture of your receipt or scan your receipt and send that copy through the mail, along with all of the other rebate information.

MYTH: It’s difficult to find tires less than $100.

You can in fact find deals on Hankook tires for less than $100 per tire. At TireRack, you can get the Hankook OPTIMO H426 for less than $69. A full set of four will cost you around $276.

FACT: You can find deals on the Hankook website.

The Hankook website features a number of deals throughout the year, which will help you save big on Hankook tires. For instance, right now Hankook is offering the Great Winter Rebate which will help you save up to $80 on a full set of tires. However, you must purchase four to qualify.

MYTH: Tire services always cost extra.

This is a categorically false statement. Many online tire retailers offer a number of tire services for free when you purchase tires through them. For example, American Tire Depot tires come with lifetime rotation, flat tire repair, brake inspection, alignment, rebalancing and 24-point safety checks, so that you can get all the services you’ll need on your Hankook tires.

MYTH: Hankook tires are not as well made as other brands.

This is completely false. In truth, Hankook prides itself in providing quality-made tires that are built to last. Their Kontrol Technology philosophy ensures that tires are built to deliver performance, safety, comfort and environmental protection, thereby ensuring quality across the board.