Top Myths about Dog Food Brands

Finding the right dog food brand can be a tough job for any dog owner. As man's best friend, your dog needs only the best and your just the human to give it to him. But selecting such a dog food can be complicated by all the different options out there. With organic, special formulated and thrifty brands available, selecting a brand for your dog will depend on your dogs specific needs along with your own preferences. The top dog food brands are Blue Buffalo, Pedigree and Science Diet. If you are in need of a dog food for your dog, but aren't sure which brands to try out, you should be aware of some of the facts and misconceptions out there. Here are the top myths and facts about dog food brands that every pet owner should be aware of.

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FACT: Science Diet made to provide healthy skin and coat.

Science diet provides dogs with a healthy skin and coat with the addition of omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E. There are also no preservatives and no artificial coloring, to be sure your dog only gets natural ingredients and no chemicals.

MYTH: Blue Buffalo is frequently contaminated with salmonella.

Blue Buffalo, despite popular belief is not actually contaminated with salmonella. While there was a short recall in 2015, the salmonella outbreak has since subsided. The company has gone to great lengths to ensure another outbreak does not occur.

FACT: Orijen is made of range free ingredients.

Orijen uses only range free ingredients. Orijen uses turkey and chicken that are free-run so the animals used for food are more humanly treated. Additionally, all fish are caught in the wild. All their food is 80% meat ingredients.

FACT: Purina One offers special formulas.

Purina One Smart Blend dog foods offer a number of choices for your dog, especially formulated for your dog. Small bite dog food and adult  dog foods are made for your dog, suited for your dog's age and health.

MYTH: Nature's Recipe has too many filler ingredients.

Nature's Recipe does not use an abundance of fillers. In comparison to other dog food brands, Nature's Recipe contains relatively few ingredients. Nature's Recipe is especially formulated to give dogs a healthy balanced diet.

FACT: Buying products like Nature's Balance online can help you save

Although some foods tend to be on the expensive side, it's important to remember that your pets needs come first. Still you can find a number of great deals online by using the Google Shopping tab. Websites like can save you around $15 on Nature's Balance dog foods. And the best part - It comes with free 1-2 day shipping.

FACT: Blue Buffalo Wilderness contains more meat than most other brands.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness contains a high protein content in comparison with other dog food brands. Blue Buffalo Wilderness offers chicken, salmon, duck, beef and other flavor options to deliver the perfect amount of protein to your dog.

MYTH: Pedigree is too expensive.

Pedigree is actually one of the cheaper dog foods on the market. Additionally, there are  plenty of ways of saving on dog foods. In addition to online coupons and store coupons, the manufacturer website offers other ways to save. By going to, you can find instant ways to save thanks to online coupons that can be sent right to your phone. Even for just a dollar off -a little goes a long way.

FACT: Organix offers exclusive pet food coupons by signing up.

Organic dog food is sometimes the best way to go for your dog. Offering limited preservatives, additives and artificial coloring, organic dog food ensures a long healthy life for your dog. If you sign up online at the Castor & Pollux website, you'll get newsletter on great deals throughout the year. You'll also get $3 any Organix product upon signing up.