Top Myths about Calling Cards

Calling cards have been granting telephone minutes to people since 1976. Calling cards are cards with a monetary value that grants discounted rates per minute to domestic or international numbers. Many Americans with family or friends overseas buy calling cards so that they don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive international calling plans. Calling cards are offered by many websites and you can find them at retailers such as Walmart or 7-11. Calling cards can be a little complicated to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, the convenience cannot be beaten. To learn more about the myths and facts surrounding calling cards, read on and find out everything you need to know.

8 Active Myths | Suggest a Myth
MYTH: You need a calling card to make outbound calls at hotels.

Most hotels nowadays can bill the call to your room or they simply require your credit card number. Some older hotels that haven’t updated their phone systems may require a calling card, however.

MYTH: Calling cards are useless when they run out of value.

While some cards only have a set amount of stored value, many cards are rechargeable. Rechargeable cards can be reloaded at the store you bought them from or by calling a customer service number.

MYTH: You need a credit card to buy a calling card.

Contrary to belief, you don’t need to be involved with any sort of banking or financial institution to buy a calling card. You can use cash to purchase it and reload it (if it is a rechargeable card).

MYTH: Calling cards can only call certain countries.

While you can buy calling cards that offer rates specifically for certain countries, most calling cards offer rates for every country (with some notable exceptions such as North Korea).

MYTH: You can’t call domestic numbers with a calling card.

The point of calling cards is to be able to call long distance phone numbers without a long distance plan. This includes domestic calls in most cases.

MYTH: Calling cards are too complicated to use.

Most calling cards are used by calling a domestic hotline number to activate the value on your card and then dialing the long distance number you wish to call. It is a simple matter most of the time.

MYTH: If you lose the calling card, you lose all the value.

Most cards only require that you know the card number and the PIN. Some cards are for use with special payphones that require you to insert or swipe the card. Only in those cases are you out of the value if you lose the card.

MYTH: Calling cards are a way for scam artists to get your credit card number.

The only way credit card fraud is involved with calling cards is if you either purchase the calling card from a disreputable source with a credit card or you call a scam artists phone number with your calling card.