Top 8 Myths About Tropical Vacations in Winter

Tropical vacations in winter help hold the seasonal blues at bay. Tropical vacation destinations cover a large geographic area and offer many opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Destinations could include Mexico, Central and South America, and Caribbean islands. Popular places include Hawaii, Bali, Costa Rica, Thailand, Fiji, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. All-inclusive hotels cater to their guests with a variety of food, drinks, and activities that are suitable for all ages. The warm sunshine and endless miles of sand and surf make any tropical destination ideal for those wanting to warm up from weeks of snow and ice at home. The best tropical vacations in winter combine exceptional accommodations, amazing food, rich culture, spectacular beaches, and an abundance of water sports and opportunities for adventure. Some travelers may dismiss tropical vacations, believing that the only activity is sitting around on a beach and drinking rum. Here are the top eight myths and facts about tropical vacations in winter. 

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FACT: Tropical vacation destinations are great for families with kids of all ages.

While many travelers may assume that only adults can enjoy tropical winter vacations, these warm and sunny destinations are perfect for families and kids of all ages. With all-inclusive resorts providing plenty to eat and drink and activities for all ages, kids have plenty to keep them busy during their warm winter fun.

FACT: Vacationers can save a lot of money traveling in hurricane season.

For those who like to save money, this is an ideal time for those taking a tropical vacation in winter. Tropical destinations include the coast of Central America and South America to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Barbados, and Trinidad, which is a huge geographic area. There are plenty of resorts and adventures to choose from.

FACT: The weather in tropical vacation destinations can widely vary.

While many people assume that every place in the tropics is hot, there are varying degrees of warmth. Trade winds blog through islands like Curacao and Aruba, making the heat very pleasant at any time of the year. There are also rainy seasons that travelers must be aware of before making solid travel plans.

MYTH: It’s difficult to travel in tropical areas if you don’t know Spanish.

While Spanish is commonly spoken in tropical vacation destinations, English is actually the most commonly spoken language. Even if Spanish is the primary language, those in the hospitality industry speak English as a second language.

FACT: It isn’t dangerous to drink water or eat food in all-inclusive resorts.

While it’s a good idea to take bottled water on the road when exploring, the water and food at the resorts themselves is safe for visitors to ingest.

MYTH: Everyone in tropical destinations drinks too much and takes drugs.

People who live in tropical vacation destinations want tourists to feel safe and have a good time so that they will return. While there’s a stereotype that everyone in the Caribbean drinks rum and takes certain drugs, this is simply not true. Rum shops are typically popular gathering spots to share news and gossip, and most drugs are illegal in tropical vacation destinations.

MYTH: It’s too boring to take a tropical vacation in winter and I want more adventure.

It’s a myth that the only thing to do during a tropical vacation is to sit on the beach and drink rum. While this can be relaxing, there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventure, including golf, diving, snorkeling, fishing, ziplining and water skiing, to name a few.

MYTH: Hurricane season makes it impossible to travel for a tropical vacation in winter.

This is actually the best time to travel in tropical climes. While there is a risk of rain, the odds of being caught in a hurricane or tropical storm is actually very slim. When a storm is hitting one island, it rarely effects the other vacation spots.