Top 8 Myths About Medicare and COPD Treatments

Are you a senior suffering from COPD? For those that don’t know, COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and is usually caused by smoking. It can greatly reduce a senior’s quality of life and treating it can be expensive without insurance, and it can even make your premiums go up. But few seniors know that treatment for COPD is actually covered by Medicare. A variety of treatments, such as Spiriva, Advair, Anoro, Incruse and Symbicort are available that can improve a senior’s quality of life. While many of you may have heard some myths about Medicare about what’s covered and what’s not, we are here to dispel some of those rumors right away. With that said read on to learn more about the top 8 myths about Medicare and COPD treatments.

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MYTH: Inhalers are not covered by Medicare

Another excellent treatment for COPD are inhalers. While you might think getting Medicare to cover inhalers for COPD might be difficult, they are in fact covered. To be Covered by Medicare you will need Medicare Part D. Inhalers covered by Medicare feature steroids which can open airways to improve breathing.

MYTH: Medicare won’t cover oxygen therapy

Medicare can and will cover oxygen therapy for Medicare patients that need it. When a patient is suffering from difficulty breathing, oxygen therapy can be useful for improving airflow to the lungs. Medicare will cover the rental of the equipment along with all necessary supplies including Oxygen tanks.

MYTH: Medicare will not pay for pulmonary rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a great way to improve lung function, returning your lungs to normal use. Pulmonary rehabilitation uses a combination of careful exercises and dieting to improve the health of your lungs. Psychological therapy may also be included as part of it.

MYTH: COPD rarely causes death in Medicare patients

COPD actually does have a huge death toll on seniors, depending on the severity of the condition. And at the very list, it can greatly reduce a senior’s lifespan. COPD is the third leading cause of death on the United States, which makes it a big killer for seniors.

MYTH: Only a small percentage of Medicare Patients have COPD

This is a myth that should be dispelled right away. While most seniors on Medicare are not affected with COPD, there is still a large portion of them that are affected by it. It is estimated that one in nine Medicare patients will be diagnosed with COPD, making it well over 10% of Medicare patients.

MYTH: Smoking aids are not covered by Medicare

Smoking aids actually are covered by Medicare. Smoking aids like nicotine patches and nicotine gum are covered by Medicare and can be used to treat nicotine addiction. Quitting smoking will help improve COPD, although it will not cure it.

MYTH: Copayments are too high even with Medicare

Co-payments are not as high as you might think when it comes to Medicare. Medicare will cover the majority of your bill, usually leaving you with a mere 20%. While treatment will still be a little pricey, the benefits will far outweigh the hurt to your wallet.

MYTH: There’s no mental health therapy options for Medicare patients

There are a variety of mental health therapy options for seniors that can help seniors quit smoking. By stopping smoking habits, seniors on Medicare can improve their quality of life by reducing exacerbations and improving their well-being. Group therapy and one-on-one options are both available for a period of up to 12 months.