Top 8 Myths about BYOD Phone Plans

BYOD phone plans are a great way to get more out of your phone while having the opportunity to pay a heck of a lot less with a cheaper phone plan. You may even be looking for better service with another provider without having to buy a new phone. With a BYOD phone plan you can use any cellphone or smartphone with any available plan once you’ve ended your existing contract and closed the book on your old cell phone provider. By shopping around you can find plenty of great deals. The top BYOD phone plans come from Straight Talk Wireless, T-Mobile and Verizon. If you are interested in a BYOD phone plan, there are some misconceptions every consumer should be aware of. Here are the top 8 BYOD phone plans myths exposed.

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MYTH: Using my own device is too complicated to figure out.

The ability to use your own device can actually be relatively simple. With Straight Talk Wireless, you only need to purchase and install a SIM card. Installation of the SIM card can happen in as little as a minute. There's no complicated process or installation required, giving you little excuse to give up and invest in a new phone.

MYTH: Roaming rates for international calls do not vary for BYOD devices

This one is actually false. With plans like Verizon, roaming rates can vary for international calls, unless those calls are within North America, such as Canada and Mexico. Additionally, this only covers 1,000 minutes per month with Verizon's plan. Therefore you'll need to check out the fine print if you want to make any calls outside the US.

MYTH: I can't get a BYOD plan from a well known provider.

This is one of the greatest myths. While getting a plan from a prepaid cell phone provider such as FreedomPop or Straight Talk Wireless can save you money, you don't have to go through these providers. Many top name cell phone providers like T-Mobile and even Verizon Wireless offer bring your own cell phone plans that will let you use your old phone with their superior services. Though you may need a Verizon phone to get a Verizon plan.

MYTH: I can't use a 3G phone.

While 4G LTE may be the preferred service these days, your phone does not have to support it. You can use a 3G cell phone, even with cell phone providers like Verizon. With Verizon's no contact plans you can use either a 3G or 4G basic phone or smartphone.

MYTH: You still need to sign a new contract

This is completely false. In fact, it the complete opposite of the truth. With BYOD plans one of the best perks is that you don't need to sign any contracts. Additionally youll see even lower monthly fees because you won't have to make payments for a new phone every month.

MYTH: I can't use my old phone number.

This is also false. Even with a BYOD phone plan, you can still import your old phone number. Inputting your old number is usually relatively easy and can be done in little time. So if you want to change your plan and keep your number, you won't have to alert all your friends about the change. They'll have no idea. 

MYTH: Using my old phone won't change the quality of my service.

This is another misconception. The quality of your cell phone often has little to do with the quality of your service. So just because you have an inexpensive LG phone instead of an iPhone may not be the reason you are getting poor reception. You may be surprised to learn that switching to a better provider such as Verizon may greatly improve your cellular reception.

MYTH: I can't get unlimited talk and text.

Just because you aren't signing any contracts and investing in a new phone, doesn't mean you have to miss out on the perks of a terrific cell phone plan. Even with lower fees from providers like T-Mobile, Verizon and Straight Talk Wireless, you can get unlimited talk and text at the best monthly rate.