Think You Know The Walking Dead?

Zombies have been a favorite fascination for years, but AMC's The Walking Dead seems to have breathed new life into the zombie-loving outbreak in recent years. The show, known for gory, over-the-top zombie slayings and edge-of-your-seat drama, still manages to leave plenty to the imagination, so it's no surprise that several Walking Dead myths remain at large. Based on the popular comic book series by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, The Walking Dead is about to enter its fifth season. Before you settle in with a group of friends for the season premiere, make sure you can tell the facts from the myths!

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MYTH: The "zombie food" used in The Walking Dead is ham covered in barbecue sauce to look like flesh and blood

It's true that barbecue sauce was slathered over large pieces of ham in season one to create the grotesque-looking "human" meat being eaten by the zombies, but that practice died out with the first season.

MYTH: The Walking Dead was written and produced specifically for AMC

Before AMC picked up The Walking Dead series, the show was rejected by two other big networks - HBO and NBC. Both companies asked that the show's notorious violence be toned down. A condition the show's producer, Anne Hurd, refused.

MYTH: The Walking Dead is based on the popular Disney movie "Toy Story"

While several similarities can be found between The Walking Dead and Toy Story, the official word is that the two are in no way related.

MYTH: The Walking Dead is written entirely according to the comic book series

The Walking Dead is based on the comic book series of the same name, but anyone who has both read the comics and seen the series can tell you that the series often goes a bit off the beaten path. Several Walking Dead characters seen on the TV show never appear in the comics, for example, and there are plenty of characters in the comics that never made an appearance on-screen. So, if you're looking for spoilers to upcoming episodes by reading the comics, you'll likely come up empty handed.

MYTH: The Walking Dead is a show about zombies

Technically speaking, this is true, but the creators of The Walking Dead have specifically left the word "zombie" out of everything to do with the series, as well as the comic books. Why? Kirkman says he wanted to create a world where the characters have no reference for what they're facing - a world without Night of the Living Dead and other zombie flicks. Instead, characters in The Walking Dead refer to the terrifying, reanimated dead entities simply as "walkers."

MYTH: The Walking Dead creators have a specific ending in mind

Since the comics and the TV series are both essentially being written at the same time, there is no specific ending for fans to look forward to (or dread). Kirkman has said on numerous occasions that he specifically envisioned The Walking Dead to have no end-point - a story that never ends. That's good news for fans who can't imagine a world without The Walking Dead!

MYTH: Daryl will die in season five of The Walking Dead

Daryl has quickly become one of the most loved characters in the show, so it's no surprise that people immediately spread rumors that he's the next one on the chopping block. The Walking Dead is notorious for killing off well-loved characters, so Daryl's death is not out of the question, but there is absolutely no evidence to suggest he'll die anytime soon.