The New Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the latest flagship smartphones that are anything but ordinary. The release of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have spawned many rumors about just how good their features are, and it is safe to say that the upgrades in the designs and specs are better than anyone expected. Unlike Apple, where "new" iPhones are released that are simply identical in design and specs as successive phones, Samsung has engineered the S9 and S9+ to truly stand apart. There are a number of key differences from the previous S8 models, particularly when it comes to sleek design, processing, cameras and photography, video, fun new graphics technology, and more. Here are the top myths and facts about the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

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MYTH: The outside of the Samsung Galaxy 9 and 9+ is basically the same.

The Samsung S9 models are more refined. The aluminum housing the phone is stronger and the bezels around the gorgeous 5.8" screen are smaller. The glass is 20 percent more thickness, providing more durability. The fingerprint sensor has been repositioned for easier and more convenient access. Both the S9 and S9+ are thicker, but slight narrower and shorter than the S8 models.

FACT: Another amazing camera feature is the quality of slow motion video.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ offers a major improvement with the new "Super Slow-mo" feature. Slow motion on the new models can be captured with frame rates as high as 960 FPS at 720p HD, offering incredible clarity and smoothness in slow motion videos.

FACT: Processing speed and memory are amazing with the new Samsung Galaxy 9 models.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ both sport the faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SDM85 processor, and there's plenty of RAM at 4GB and storage that goes up to 400GB.

FACT: Users of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ can have a lot of fun with customized emojis.

A twist on Apple's Animoji on the iPhone X, the S9 and S9+ have the AR Emoji. This allows users to take selfies and make emojis with their likenesses, creating little animations or recordings with their personalized emojis. There are a number of other characters that users can choose that mimic facial expressions and mouth movements, too.

FACT: The sizes of the screens are basically the same.

It's true that the screen sizes on the S9 models are the same as the S8 models. However, while the screen sizes are the same - 5.8" for the S9 and 6.2" on the S9+ - they are 15 percent brighter than their predecessors.

MYTH: There have been no changes to the camera on the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

The most exciting Samsung Galaxy S9 feature is the camera. Dubbed "Super Speed Dual Pixel," the new camera has dual apertures, which is a first. In low light, the aperture switches between between F1.5 - F2.5 to let in as much available light as possible. Multi-processed images have instant HDR images. 

MYTH: The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are more expensive than the iPhones.

The Galaxy S9 retails for $720, while the S9+ retails for $890. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are available for pre-order on March 2nd, and will be released March 16th.

MYTH: Carriers and Samsung will not offer payment plans or financing options.

While pricing is expected to vary slightly by carrier, many will be offering payment plans on the new Samsung Galaxy 9 and 9+, especially when it comes to buy one get one deals and trade-ins. Samsung will sell unlocked models with financing options available.