Do You Have What It Takes to be a Cat Owner?

Cats are either loved or hated with very few individuals being completely indifferent toward them. Cats can be mysterious creatures and have that have inspired humans with wonder and joy for thousands of years. Due to their mystery, an endless number of ideas about cats, most of which are untrue, have been passed down from one generation to the next and continue to cause alarm for the superstitious. Therefore, it is much easier to believe the myth and pass it along than to debunk it. This article lists the eight most common myths surrounding these cuddly creatures.

8 Active Myths | Suggest a Myth
MYTH: Cats do not require much care

Since cats do not need walks and can groom themselves, humans believe that cats require little maintenance. In actuality, caring for a cat is a major responsibility that requires many duties. For instances, cats require regular hair brushing, dental care and a large amount of affection and attention. Cats are also susceptible to disease and other illnesses if not cared for properly.

MYTH: Cats and Dogs cannot get along

For thousands of years, and perpetuated by thousands of cartoons, humans believed that cats and dogs cannot get along with one another. As a result, pet owners have learned that the two species should never live together. This could not be further from the truth. Thousands of cats and dogs coexist happily and with great affection around the world. Just don’t ask cats to live with birds… or mice.

MYTH: Cats have nine lives

While this may sound like a silly myth, there is a certain lingering life to it, one that keys into the care of your cat. Like every other living creature on earth, cats have one precious life. Therefore, it is critical to regularly keep them out of harm’s way as an indoor or outdoor cat. They should receive regular vaccinations at the suggestion of the veterinarian and in accordance to local laws. This will help prevent disease and infection, which can prolong the cat’s life.

MYTH: De-clawed cats are safer for children

Cats have sharp claws, which are used to defend themselves from danger when threatened. As a result, many cat owners feel that children are safer when the cat is de-clawed.However, the de-clawing process is so traumatizing and painful to the cat that many veterinarians have declared it inhumane and no longer partake in the procedure. Plus, it can leave a cat defenseless against predators and threats.

MYTH: Drinking milk is good for cats
What can be more natural than a cute cap lapping milk from a saucer? In actuality, milk has a significant impact on such a small animal. The majority of cats have diarrhea from milk and too much can result in obesity. The best option is to give the cat a well-balanced nutritional meal designed expressly for cats.
MYTH: It is ridiculous to brush a cat’s teeth

Many believe that brushing the cat’s teeth is ridiculous. In actuality, routinely brushing their teeth freshens the breath and limits the potential for developing oral disease. The brushing process will also help identify any unusual occurrences within the gums and teeth. Brushing will make the cat be more pleasant to be around and prevent a variety of long-term health issues. Talk to the local veterinarian for help getting started.

MYTH: Pregnant women should avoid cats

Another silly one. The idea is that pregnant woman should avoid cats due to the potential risk of contracting toxoplasmosis, a disease that can affect unborn babies. Therefore, many pregnant women put up their cats for adoption when a new baby is on the way. However, the only aspect of a cat that pregnant woman should avoid is the litter box. Therefore, as long as a family member scoops the litter, the cat can remain in the home.

MYTH: Table scraps are acceptable

Table scraps contain empty calories for cats and can cause massive weight gain. A piece of cheese given to a 10-pound cat is the equivalent of a human eating three chocolate bars. Cats require balance nutrition based on their life stage to remain healthy. Excess nutrients from processed foods can be harmful. There are many different brand of cat food, meals expressly designed for cats: this is the best thing to feed your cat to help maintain their health and weight.