Talcum Powder Lawyers and Lawsuits

Have you been diagnosed with a form of cancer, and do you feel the use of talcum powder could be to blame? If so, you may want to hire an attorney who can handle a talcum powder lawsuit. Talcum powder was associated with cancer in a medical study conducted in 1971, and in 2013 a woman who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer successfully sued Johnson & Johnson for millions of dollars. Since that lawsuit, several other women have come forward with claims of long-term talcum powder usage with numerous Johnson & Johnson products, and now the company faces various lawsuits. If one jury ruled in favor of a plaintiff, then other women who've been diagnosed with cancer could also be successful in their legal efforts. Read on for more information about talcum powder lawsuits and attorneys.

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MYTH: Each law firm is equally capable of handling these lawsuits.

Choosing an attorney to handle your case is never easy. The top three law practices we mentioned above are actively seeking clients for Talcum Powder lawsuits and have the staff and expertise to file these lawsuits. Some law firms lack the staff, case knowledge and experience. Always ask lots of questions when selecting a law firm.

MYTH: Any woman who has ever used Johnson & Johnson products can win a lawsuit.

The likelihood of a woman winning one of these cases after just the occassional use of Talcum Powder products is exceptionally low. The successful lawsuits that have been filed to this point have involved women who used Talcum Powder products for many years.

MYTH: Attorneys that handle Talcum Powder lawsuits charge lots of money up front.

Many attorneys who handle these lawsuits won't require any payments until you've won your case. That's the risk they take on when they choose to represent you. Most attorneys will meet with you for free consultations to determine the validity of your case.

FACT: A growing number of attorneys are handling Talcum Powder lawsuits.

Many attorneys are now taking clients for filing lawsuits over the use of Talcum Powder. Three of the top law practices taking clients for these lawsuits are Saiontz & Kirk, Fears & Nachawati and The Eichholz Law Firm. You will find many options to choose from if you're thinking about filing.

MYTH: Only that 1971 study established a link between Talcum Powder and cancer.

In fact, several studies over the years have shown links between Talcum Powder usage and cancer. Researchers believe Talcum Powder usage can increase the risk of cancer by up to 35 percent. These studies found that talc powder particles travel into the ovaries, which causes inflammation, which increases the risk of cancer.

FACT: Both successful Talcum Powder lawsuits have been against Johnson & Johnson.

This is true. The first successful lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over Talcum Powder was in 2013, and the second was in 2016. Attorneys expect other lawsuits to be successful in coming years.

FACT: Johnson & JOhnson faces more than a thousand lawsuits over Talcum Powder products.

This is true. More than 1,200 women have filed lawsuits against this massive company alleging a connection between long-term Talcum Powder usage and their cancerous conditions.

MYTH: Talcum Powder lawsuit awards are guaranteed in the millions.

Although the first lawsuit resulted in the awarding of millions of dollars, that doesn't mean every lawsuit will result in such sizeable winnings, or even any compensation at all. Talcum Powder lawsuits are ultimately decided according to a number of factors.