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    Osama Bin Laden's Hand-Written Will Finally Revealed

    After all of these years since Osama Bin Laden met his demise, his hand-written will has finally been uncovered... And boy, is it something else! When al Qaeda's leader was found and killed in 2011, many documents and letters were seized from his secret compound in Pakistan and have been kept under wraps until now. Reading these letters gives us a much closer look at what went on in the mind of al Qaeda's leader. Read on to discover all of the unbelievable things America's Most Wanted Man had to say in his last will and testament - and prepare to be (metaphorically) blown away! 

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    FACT: Bin Laden had a whole lot to say about the suspected chip he believed was implanted in his wife's tooth.

    In one of the released letters, according to the Associated Press, he wrote that the chip would be approximately the width of a fine vermicelli noodle and the length of a grain of wheat. Quite the visual cue. The real question is whether or not he was really onto something here!

    FACT: He thought there was a tracking device planted in his wife's tooth?

    In his hand-written will, Osama Bin Laden expressed suspicion that Iran had implanted a tracking device in one of his wives' tooth fillings. According to the Associated Press, he was informed of her dentist visit in Iran and the wife's concerns about the tooth filling. In the letter, he writes, "Please let me know in detail...any suspicions that any of the brothers may have about chips planted in any way." 

    MYTH: Osama Bin Laden wasn't one of those fellas who worried about money.

    Another of his letters expressed specific instructions for the best ways to move money, so clearly this was a major concern of his. He was very particular in his instructions, such as only shuttling money by vehicle if the sky was cloudy, in order to avoid detection and attack by U.S. drones. He also thought that whatever bag or suitcase money was transported in should be removed from said bag, in case - you guessed it - a tracking chip had been placed inside of it.

    MYTH: Osama Bin Laden only had one wife, so there was only one letter.

    Bin Laden reportedly had at least 5 wives, with more than 20 children to his name. Many correspondence letters with his wives, have been released from a collection of many that were seized upon his capture in 2011.

    FACT: Bin Laden thought the US should be focusing on climate change instead of waging a war against Islam.

    This is quite true. While of course it's no surprise that he thought the U.S. should be focusing on waging war on terrorist groups like al Qaeda, it was surprising to discover that Bin Laden was both aware and mindful of the growing climate change issue. He was certainly ahead of the curve with this, since five years later, climate change has become a global issue that all our world's leaders have put a premium on addressing.