Not Just for Yoga: Many Uses of Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are the best fitness and fashion invention in the history of earth. The inventor of yoga pants provided fabric that is both supportive and stretchy, allowing fitness buffs a more convenient and comfortable way to exercise without unnecessary chafing. This creative inventor also figured out how to replicate the comfort of pajamas in the form of these pants, allowing a socially acceptable way for men and women to both be seen in public and binge on Netflix for entire days in pure contentment. Whether you have drawers full of yoga pants or believe that you don't have the "right" body to wear them, this collection of myths and facts just might make you fall in love with them.

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FACT: There are no comfortable pants alternatives to yoga pants.

Sweatpants get too warm. Jeans have pesky zippers and buttons that must be fastened. Dress pants gap and cling in the wrong places. The only better alternative to wearing yoga pants is, in fact, wearing no pants at all. In case our society never accepts this potential as reality, yoga pants will have to do as the most comfortable pants in the history of earth.

FACT: Wearing yoga pants does not require a space to exist between the upper thighs.

Since Lululemon Atheltica's founder Dennis "Chip" Wilson claimed that "thigh gap" was necessary for wearing yoga pants, women have clenched their legs in fear, avoiding potential perceived embarrassment thanks to a man who has likely never seen a real woman in the flesh. In fact, wearing yoga pants prevents the chafing that can occur while wearing shorts during a work out. And no self-respecting woman wearing yoga pants cares one wit about "thigh gap."

FACT: Yoga pants come in styles suitable for all occasions.

No time to shave your legs? Try boot cut for full coverage. Are temperatures heading up? Choose capri yoga pants. Want to wear a dress without displaying the fishbelly white of skin exposed to winter darkness? Pair the dress with yoga pants that are styled as leggings, which can also add the support of Spanx without the high price tag.

MYTH: Yoga pants must be paired with yoga shirts.

First, the purpose of yoga pants is not to cause anybody extra stress - consider them a tangible form of Namaste for your lower body. And if you are already wearing yoga pants, it's pretty clear that you are a boss and don't really care what the fashion rules dictate about your current style. In short, wear whatever shirt you want to pair with yoga pants.

MYTH: I need to lose weight before wearing yoga pants.

There are few instances worth the effort of losing weight - the threat of developing diabetes, for instance. Fortunately, yoga pants are a help in these efforts instead of a hindrance. They stretch with the body and adjust the fit as you trim pounds and inches, providing confidence and support.

MYTH: I have too much cellulite to wear yoga pants.

The miracle of yoga pants centers around the revolutionary material of which these magical pants are made. Stretchy and elastic without being frumpy, fitted without being clingy, these miracles of modern science do not reveal the telltale dimples of cellulite.

MYTH: Sweat shows through yoga pants.

This is kind of a trick statement, because real, high-quality yoga pants do not display your sweaty areas for all to see. However, cheap versions that are colors other than black - gray, especially - can have a tendency to announce the presence of moistness. Just remember this rhyme: when in doubt, avoid the flack; choose your yoga pants in black.

MYTH: Yoga pants are for yoga only.

Only people who have never worn yoga pants believe that they should only be used to practice yoga. The beauty of yoga pants is that they can seamlessly transition from yoga class to the grocery store, the library, and then to the couch for extended Netflix and DVR binging.