8 Myths About Latex Mattresses Everyone with Back Pain Should Know About

Latex mattresses are the latest in comfort and quality for those looking for a good night’s sleep. There are many advantages to sleeping on a latex mattress, the most important of which is that this material provides a uniquely comfortable surface. Dense and made of all-natural material, latex mattresses have unusual elastic qualities, conforming and yielding to a person’s body without sacrificing a strong and supportive surface. Because this material is so buoyant, sleepers can shift from back to side to belly without waking up. Sleepers also no longer need to worry about being too hot to sleep; latex mattresses encourages air flow and does not rise in temperature during the night. While there are several different types of latex mattresses, the best in quality and comfort are made from all-natural latex. Here are eight myths about latex mattresses everyone with back pain should know about.

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MYTH: It’s tough to move around on latex mattresses.

The ability to adjust sleeping positions without waking up is a distinct advantage of latex mattresses. This unusual material and surface is comfortable regardless of side, back, or stomach sleeping positions, and moving from one to another does not disturb the sleeper.

MYTH: Latex mattresses don’t break down when discarded.

One of the great advantages to latex mattresses is that they are the “green” mattress option for shoppers who are more earth-conscious. Made from all-natural, sustainable ingredients, latex mattresses will also decompose at the end of their usefulness.

MYTH: Synthetic latex is better than 100% natural latex.

Synthetic or blended mattresses are not as responsive, elastic, or comfortable as all-natural latex, which remains chemical free. Natural latex mattresses resist packing down and forming body impressions, and is naturally anti-mold, anti-dust, and anti-mildew.

MYTH: Even natural latex mattresses make sleeping too hot for comfort.

One of the big advantages of latex mattresses is the ability to keep cool during sleep. Those who run at high temperatures can appreciate the cooling effect of sleeping on natural latex.

MYTH: The more complicated the latex mattress, the better.

Shoppers need to search out latex mattresses that are as simplistically designed as possible. This will eliminate shifting layers or the migration of the contents over time, keeping the latex mattress as comfortable as possible.

MYTH: There are no warranties on latex mattresses.

Reputable dealers of latex mattresses will offer warranties on these products, with full placement promised for several years. The time period of a warranty should be around ten years, and customers need to receive copies of the warranty before taking the mattress home.

MYTH: Natural latex mattresses irritate allergies.

Mattresses made from natural latex materials are some of the safest and cleanest types of mattresses available. They are hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite. People with allergies are able to sleep without worry on latex mattresses.

MYTH: You can’t return a latex mattress after trying it out.

Many mattress stores offer trial periods during which customers can test out latex mattresses to see how they work. A trial period that lasts from 60 to 90 days is idea for evaluating a latex mattress.