Losing Weight, Myths and Facts

Never has there been a industry more rife with fraud and suspect wares than the diet industry. Finding effective methods to diet, lose weight and stay fit has been society's obsession since the beginning of the industrialized era. The unfortunate rise in obesity rates as well as pressure from mass media has influenced the circulation of diet myths and beliefs. Some of those myths have been proven true while many others have been debunked.It is important to educate oneself on such myths, because without proper knowledge and know-how diet success will always elude. Below are eight popular diet myths.

8 Active Myths | Suggest a Myth
MYTH: Skipping meals will result in weight loss

It is a common practice for people battling with their weight to skip meals in an effort to starve off pounds. While it is true that consuming fewer calories will aid weight loss, purposely skipping meals may actually cause a person to overeat at their next meal because of extreme hunger. A more effective method would be to eat smaller, low-calorie meals instead.

MYTH: Eating at night will result in weight gain

It is true that the metabolism naturally slows down at night resulting in a sluggish digestive system. However, the issue is more about what is eat than when it is eaten. Nighttime eating should consist of high water, easily digestible foods such as salad, fruit, tea and pepper instead of fast foods, candy and soda.

MYTH: Working out takes the place of healthy eating and vice versa

Many people believe that if they eat healthy, then they don't have to work out. And, if they work out, then they don't have to eat healthy. The truth is, working out and eating healthy goes hand in hand. Eating healthy may result in weight loss, however, the muscles will still be saggy and weak. And, working out may result in stronger core, however, the continual influx of fatty foods and calories won't produce weight loss.

MYTH: Eating fat will makes you fat!

Kinda/sorta, but not enough to earn a ‘fact’ rating. While this is true for saturated fats and trans fats found in processed foods, it isn't true for monounsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats are healthy fats found in real foods such as avocados, nuts, olives and other such foods. Those types of fats can actually aid in weight loss by cleansing and stimulating the metabolism and the digestive system.

MYTH: Pasta causes weight gain!

Pasta has gotten a bad reputation due to its presence of carbohydrates. Carbs converts into sugar, which can lead to stored fats. However, carbs are important to a healthy diet. For this reason, pasta can still be consumed, but, like all other foods, in moderation.

MYTH: Short term dieting works!

While dieting and exercising will result in weight loss, short term dieting may result in the person putting the weight back on. Instead of going on a diet for a short period of time, the person should make an effort to make a continual lifestyle change - eating healthy and exercising.

MYTH: Once you hit your weight loss goal, you can go right back to your old habits!

Sure, that’s true, but only if you want to gain all that weight right back. Weight loss isn’t just for this week and maybe the next, or a couple months, if for the rest of your life. It’s finding a way of eating, of living your life that will help you maintain a healthy weight. Go back to your old habits, by all means, and gain all that weight right back. You owe yourself, and your hard-won goals, better than that.

MYTH: Doing crunches will lose belly fat!

Crunches and other core-focused exercises are effective at strengthening the core muscles however doing them will not decrease belly fat. You cannot ‘target’ fat, no matter what the books and video will tell you. You want to lose belly fat, you need an allover diet and workout plan that will reduce fat overall.