Myths About Labor Law Posters

Labor law posters are legally required of all kinds of businesses operating in the United States. Because there are so may labor laws that business owners must comply with, federal and state governments require that labor law posters are hung where employees can directly access the information, such as a breakroom or comparable public place. These posters include important information, such as safety requirements, rights of workers, the minimum wage, medical leave, insurance, and more. Businesses that do not hang labor law posters in plain sight of employees can get into a lot of trouble, as they are breaking federal and state laws. Punishments resulting from not posting labor law information as required include penalties, citations, and fines of varying degrees. The federal Department of Labor lists the possible consequences of neglecting to display labor law posters on their website.

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FACT: Labor Law posters can be purchased from Costco.

While Costco is popular for a wide range of items, the purchase of labor law posters is unexpected but true. Shoppers can choose a “compliance package” by state, receiving a large, laminated poster with current federal and state regulations. Costco also offers a free updating service, in which customers are notified by email if information on the poster changes.

MYTH: Labor law posters only need to be in the English language.

The need for bilingual labor law posters depends on whether or not employees speak languages other than English. Fortunately, bilingual labor law posters are available so that business owners don’t need to buy multiple sets of posters in different languages.

MYTH: Labor posters must be updated every year.

The amount of time that passes before labor law posters need to be updated also varies from state to state. Over time, information and laws change, so posters much be updated. These changes may need to be made on a certain timeline or when there are significant changes to laws.

MYTH: All states have the same requirements for labor law posters.

While the labor laws put into place by the federal government are the same across the country, each state differs in certain issues and laws in this area. Depending on state laws, some states may be required to display different information than others. A state’s department of labor has the details regarding specific requirements.

MYTH: Labor law posters are very expensive.

While outfitting a business with labor law posters is an added expense, it is not considered exorbitant. A set of labor law posters costs around fifty dollars, and may even be a bit less depending on where they are purchased.

FACT: Businesses may need to post multiple sets of labor law posters.

Labor law posters need to be posted where employees can easily see them. Companies that operate out of more than one building will need to post posters where employees work.

MYTH: All displayed labor law posters need to be laminated.

While labor law posters don’t officially need to be laminated, it’s important for business owners to remember that posters can be easily defaced or damaged, even accidentally. If laminated, posters can be easily cleaned and can last much longer.

MYTH: Job applicants coming in for interviews do not need to see labor law posters.

While largely unknown, many states require the display of labor law posters where job applicants can view them. The labor law posters that interviewees should be able to see often include the Employee Polygraph Protection Act and the Family Medical and Leave Act.