Home Siding Retailers & Installers

Does your home need new siding? If so, then your first step is finding a reputable retailer and installer. You'll find numerous local and national retailers offering home siding and installation services at reasonable prices. When comparing retailers, you'll want to compare prices on various types and styles of siding such as traditional wood or vinyl siding. You should also compare prices on siding as well as installation rates and turnaround times. Installers who work on your home should be licensed and insured, and you should feel good about guarantees on quotes, prices and the quality of labor. Read on to learn myths and facts about the most qualified siding retailers and installers.

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MYTH: All retailers carry similar styles of siding.

Do you want wood siding, vinyl siding or fiber cement siding? How about manufactured stone siding or faux stone siding? While most retailers carry wood and vinyl siding, you may need to check around to find companies that provide other types of siding, especially stone-styled siding.

MYTH: National siding providers always have lower prices.

When shopping for siding, never assume that the nationwide retailers offer the best prices on products. Although national retailers can easily keep prices down, several local siding retailers and installers also offer low prices with occasional deals on installation. Compare all the prices you can in your area.

FACT: You'll find a huge selection with national siding retailers and installers.

Check out the national providers for the largest selections of siding. You'll also find many options to choose from with local siding retailers, but national retailers offer huge inventories with many options for ordering and customization.

FACT: Large siding retailers can help you work with siding installation contractors.

Don't be afraid to order siding from distant national retailers. Most large home siding companies work with contractors to handle installations in communities throughout the country.

FACT: National siding retailers can usually provide other home improvement services.

Home Depot, Sears, ABC Supply Co. and other national home siding and installation providers also provide numerous other home improvement services such as roofing and insulation repair. Consider other services offered by different retailers if you need additional work on your home.

MYTH: Home siding installation can only be done by expensive contractors.

This isn't true at all. Home siding installation can be done by many different types of companies, from big box home supply chains like Home Depot to smaller mom-and-pop hardware and maintenance shops in your town. You just have to ask around to find the best, most trusted companies in your area.

FACT: Even lesser known companies can do a great home siding installation.

While Home Depot is great, you might want to invest in a smaller maintenance or home improvement company that will give you the personalized touch you crave. Companies like Bruce Construction Company in Pittsburgh have provided quality home siding for years and will make sure to take care of you.

FACT: Affordable home siding can stand up against all weather.

Properly installed home siding can stand up to rain, hail, sleet, snow, and high winds. It also can beat back the heat and desolation of the sun's harshest rays. Unless you own a massive mansion, you can generally get home siding installed without breaking the bank.