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    Fact or Fiction? 8 Rumors About The Upcoming Presidential Election

    This year's presidential nominees have completely covered the spectrum with candidates of all different kinds of backgrounds and an array of qualifications, many of which we've never seen among candidates before. After President Obama's second term comes to a close, who knows who we might find working in the Oval Office! With so many contenders in the running, it can be tough keeping all the facts straight. It's all happening so fast, isn't it? Find out here which future POTUS rumors are grounded in truth and which ones are false! 

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    FACT: Another Bush is trying to be President of the United States...again.

    True...but not so true anymore. While Jeb Bush was originally in the running for the Republican nomination, he withdrew after the Iowa Caucuses in February 2016.

    MYTH: Is Donald Trump really that tan?

    He may have plenty of tropical vacations and ocean-side resorts under his belt, but Trump’s facial tan is not a result of that. Rather, his skin tone has shown to be many different hues ranging from tan to quite orange. Through various photo comparisons, the media has discovered that the Donald’s warm complexion is a result of photo-ready foundation cover-up rather than a natural California golden glow.

    FACT: Apparently a neurosurgeon is among 2016's presidential candidates?

    That's correct! Ben Carson, a Republican nominee, is an internationally renowned neurosurgeon. At age 33, he became director of pediatric neurosurgery at the very prestigious Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Boston. 

    FACT: Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg might run for President.

    According to recent reports, this is true – but it depends on a few conditions. Bloomberg has said that if Hillary gets the Democratic nomination, he will not run. However, if Bernie Sanders does, Bloomberg will run for President as an Independent. It all depends on which candidate gets the Democratic nomination, so stay tuned!

    FACT: This year’s Democratic and Republican parties both have women running for their respective party’s nominations.

    That’s right! As many have come to know, Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination. As for the Republican party, Carly Fiorina is their gal. She is the former CEO of Hewlett Packard, while Hillary is the former Secretary of State and former First Lady to the 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton.

    MYTH: There's a Canadian running for President, too!

    Well, sort of. Texas Senator Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, which is in Canada. Cruz's parents had been working in the oil business for three years when their son Ted was born. Four years later, they moved back to Houston, Texas. However, Ted Cruz is indeed an American!

    MYTH: I heard Marco Rubio isn't an American, though.

    Marco Rubio, one of 2016's Republican presidential candidates who was formerly a Speaker in the Florida House of Representatives and presently a Florida Senator, is in fact a natural-born citizen. He was born in Miami, Florida. His Cuban parents emigrated to the United States in 1956. While is Cuban heritage remains strong, Rubio is undoubtedly an American citizen.

    MYTH: There’s only one candidate running for the Republican nomination.

    Ha, ha, ha! Believe it or not, at the very beginning, there were a whopping 22 Republican presidential candidates in the running! A handful withdrew or were suspended before the primaries, and the same goes for another handful after the primaries began. As of early 2016, the candidates being featured in major polls are as follows: Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich.