Elvis Has Risen from the Grave!

Elvis Presley, often called the King of Rock and Roll, redefined music and entertainment before his life ended prematurely in 1977. However, not even death could slow his rising star. Even though the King is gone, people still pay big money to watch performances by Elvis impersonators or visit the Presley shrine known as Graceland. As The King's legend has grown, so too have myths and falsehoods surrounding his life and death. Things he did (or didn't do) in life have been exaggerated or fabricated, and there has been no shortage of Elvis sightings or conspiracy theories that he faked his own death. Here’s a closer look at 10 of the top myths that may forever be part of The King's legacy.

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MYTH: Squirrel Was Elvis Presley’s Favorite Meal!

While Elvis definitely loved squirrel, (and who doesn’t?)since he ate it often as a child in Mississippi, it can’t really be considered the “king’s” favorite meal. Elvis was better known for eating his fried banana and peanut butter sandwiches. He also ate mashed potatoes, tomatoes, and meatloaf each day for nearly two years, so while he probably liked squirrel, it was hardly his favorite meal.

MYTH: Elvis Presley was a DEA Agent!

Kinda, sorta. Actually, Elvis definitely wanted to be a DEA agent. In fact, he actually wrote to President Richard Nixon, including his credentials (Elvis knew a lot about drugs) and asking to be added as a DEA agent. However, Elvis never became a DEA agent, although he was presented with an honorary badge in that famous photo taken with Nixon at the White House.

MYTH: Elvis Presley and Oprah Winfrey are related!

At this point, no one has proven that these two iconic figures are actually related. However, their family histories have both been traced back to the same town in Mississippi. Some people think that Elvis’s ancestors may have once held Oprah’s ancestors as slaves, which would make a connection between the families, if proven.

MYTH: The gyrations of Elvis were NOT censored on the Ed Sullivan Show

Actually, Elvis Presley’s hips were censored when he appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, but it took a while. Originally, Elvis requested to be a guest on the Ed Sullivan Show, but at first, he was denied. He went on to appear on rival television shows, and CBS and Ed Sullivan realized that they couldn’t overlook all the attention Elvis was getting. He made three appearances on the show, and CBS dealt with a lot of pressure after Elvis was seen gyrating his hips on the second appearance on the show. In the third show, he was only shot from the waist up so his gyrating hips could not be seen.

MYTH: Elvis Presley Had a Twin

Some people think that Elvis has a twin because of the regular “Elvis sightings” that happen today, long after the death of Elvis. Elvis technically had a twin, but his twin brother was stillborn.

MYTH: Elvis Died Due to Cardiac Arrhythmia

Technically, the original autopsy report did list “cardiac arrhythmia” as the cause of death. However, the autopsy physicians and the Presley family later would admit that this was a ruse used to cover up Elvis Presley’s real cause of death. The real cause of death was a cocktail of multiple prescription drugs, which included Demerol, Morphine, Valium, Codeine, Quaaludes, and more

MYTH: Elvis Presley was Welsh

Some individuals thought that Elvis Presley was Welsh because his last name sounds so close to a place in the Pembrokeshire hill range known as Preseli. Elvis Presley’s name actually came from a German ancestor named Johann Pressler, who immigrated to the U.S.

MYTH: Elvis Didn’t Have a Black Belt in Karate

It’s a common myth that Elvis didn’t actually have a black belt in karate, or that is was somehow 'honorary'. However, when he filmed GI Blues, he already had his black belt.

MYTH: Elvis Presley is Still Alive

Elvis sightings are reported all the time. Fans have reported seeing him at the grocery store, at music shows, and other places across the world. Many fans have found it difficult to believe that such a legend would die so suddenly, and this started myths that he faked his death, that the body in his coffin was actually a wax figure, and that he still is alive today. No, Elvis gone, he left us in 1977 and will not return.

FACT: Elvis Didn't Have Black Hair

Yep, his hair was brown, but he died it black like his mother's.

FACT: Elvis wanted to be Dean Martin!

FACT! Yep, when Elvis walked into Sam Phillips Sun Records, it was with dreams of being the next (new?) Dean Martin. Phillips recorded Elvis singing 'Harbor Lights' and a couple other moldy oldies, before finally hearing what he wanted when Presley and the band were messing around with a blues number 'That's All Right Mama'. That's the one Sun released, starting a music revolution that continues to this day.