Computer Data Recovery

Computer data recovery can be a lifesaver when it comes to reclaiming lost data because of hardware failure. For many, lost data due to damaged or corrupted hardware can be a stressful circumstance requiring extensive work to recover important files. And data recovery can be tackled in a number of ways. When hardware is physically damaged, it may be possible to recover data by physically repairing the hardware. When damage is logical, files may be recovered by means of software solutions. Because computer data recovery can be quite tricky, it’s important to tackle it with enough knowledge as possible. Mistakes can cost you to lose lost data permanently. Considering this, here are the top facts and myths every user should know before trying to recover data.

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MYTH: Most hard drives guarantee the ability to recover data.

While some hard drive manufacturers may promise the recovery of lost data while under warranty, most do not do this. Lost data is usually excluded from coverage under your warranty. They are not responsible for such data loss, even after complete hardware failure.

MYTH: You can raise or lower the temperature of your hardware to make it work.

Many people attempt to fix failed hardware by putting it in the freezer or heating it, to get it working again. This is not a good idea, and can further damage your hardware.

MYTH: You can transfer hard drive platters to another drive.

Trying to repair a hard drive by switching platters with another dry can be a terrible idea. Not only is this difficult but can ruin your chances for a successful recovery by a professional.

FACT: Physical repair should be performed by a professional.

Data recovery through means of physical repair is best left to professionals. Professional repair, usually performed by the manufacturer must be performed under a controlled environment. Repair performed in clean air, proper temperatures and pressure levels ensures a more successful data recovery.

FACT: Software can help recover data.

When files or data have become damaged or corrupted, there is plenty of software out there that can help you recover or repair data. Software such as Norton Disk Doctor can assist you with this.

MYTH: Data recovery can be managed by merely tapping on your hard drive

Like trying to get a remote to work with the television, tapping on your hard drive does not actually fix the problem. A failed hard drive cannot be repaired by physically harming it. It may become further damaged by this, and complete loss of data may occur.

FACT: You can recover data from a reformatted hard drive

Recovering data from a reformatted hard drive is definitely possible, but depends on the location of the data, as well as how new the data is. However, there may be areas of the disk that are damaged and cannot be recovered.

MYTH: If I can recover lost data, I don’t need to back-up.

Backing up your data is always important, even if you think you can manage data recovery. You never know when hardware failure can prevent you from being able to recover your lost files. You can’t guarantee that physical or logical repair will recover any or all of your data.