Can Your Summertime Fling Turn Into a Year-Round Thing?

We've all been there. The summer heat seems to spark the inner desire for romance in the best of us, but most people will tell you that a summertime fling can rarely become anything more than a few months of passion that ends as soon as the weather turns colder. No doubt, many summer flings die out right along with the long days and sweltering heat, but is it possible to keep the passion going year-round? If you've ever seen Grease, you know that true love can conquer all, even if it all starts with a simple summer fling. Read on to learn the facts and myths behind summertime romance and decide if your summer love could turn out to be the real thing!

7 Active Myths | Suggest a Myth
MYTH: Summer romance that doesn't last is a waste of time

Don't discount that summer fling just because it only lasted for a couple of months! Psychologists agree that summer flings can actually be a good thing, allowing people to open up without risk of entanglement, which can actually benefit later relationships for both partners.

MYTH: If I've agreed to a summer fling, I shouldn't tell my partner if my feelings have changed

You should always clearly communicate your feelings to your partner, especially if your feelings have changed over the course of the relationship. Hiding your feelings will not only lead to your own frustration (and possible heartbreak) but your partner's as well. If your feelings change, let your partner know so you can both decide the most appropriate way to proceed. Who knows? Maybe your partner has had a change of heart, as well! 

MYTH: Summer flings are always based on superficial traits

While it's true that most summer flings are based purely on traits such physical attraction or simple opportunity alone, many summertime romances go much deeper.

MYTH: I shouldn't tell potential partners about my intentions to have a summer fling

No matter what your intentions are, you should always be upfront with a potential romantic partner. While the conversation may be a difficult one, especially if your feelings are different than your partners, communication is important, no matter how short-lived the romance may be. If you intend to have a summer fling and go back to your life when summer ends, be clear about that. Don't ever lead someone to believe you're looking for true love when all you're really after is a few months of fun, and never agree to a summer fling with the hope that your partner will have a change of heart when summer ends. 

MYTH: Summer flings never turn into the real thing

It's true that many summer flings end when everyone goes home and gets back to real life, but with communication at our fingertips these days, many people are able to stay connected through social media and email, making it more likely that things can develop into real romance later on. That doesn't mean you should agree to a summer fling in the hopes that the end result will be everlasting love, but you shouldn't assume the possibility doesn't exist, either.

MYTH: Summer is the only time people seek short-term flings

Something about the summer heat does seem to draw out the romantic side of people, but short-term relationships can happen year-round. While spring and summer are the most popular time for short-lived romances, they can happen any time of year, and are especially common while traveling abroad or when on vacation away from home. 

MYTH: Most people are secretly seeking long-term relationships, not summer flings

Quite the contrary! Many people love the no-strings-attached aspect of summer flings, and as long as both partners are on board, that summertime romance can make for some great memories later on!