Best Razors for Sensitive Skin

Men with sensitive skin can experience bad things, such as wounds, rashes, lumps, and even infected papules.They need the best razor to shave sensitive skin.For sensitive skin, a good razor can avoid scratches, bumps, dryness or redness.A few of the problems you'll encounter along the way include anger and discomfort.It's not just sensitive men who need the best razor to shave sensitive skin.All men need this type of razor, young and old, regardless of their skin type.Shaving is one of the sacred rituals for men in the morning. Some people shave off their beards from time to time, but society or the workplace demands a cleaner, more attractive appearance.Men often take healthy shaving methods for granted.Shaving with the wrong razor for your skin type can lead to all kinds of skin irritation.

Things to consider before buying a razor for sensitive skin

1.Cartridge razors are the default choice for most men (and women) because it is available at almost any grocery store, gas station, or drugstore.

2.Shaving head

Cartridge razors have a flexible head that can be rotated back and forth.This gives us the ultimate flexibility of the optimal Angle.Cheap disposable items and safety razors have rigid non-rotating heads with fixed angles.These razors will require different techniques and snaps.When using a safety razor, you must pay attention to technique, because using the wrong razor can cause cuts.

3.Number of blades

If your skin is sensitive, 5-6 blades may not be the best option.A good compromise is to use a three-blade razor, which has more space between the blades and is easier to clean.The less blades, the less stimulation.If you're willing to learn to shave wet, your best bet is to use a one-blade safety razor.


Buy something cheap and you'll get cheap quality plastic and blades.This may apply to two, three or four shaves, after which you will notice that the blade becomes dull and unavailable.The thicker and faster your beard grows, the more disposable razors you use.Initially, box razors were cheaper than safety razors.But in the long run, when you buy more refills, you end up spending more.Safety razors are cheaper in the long run.Even if you change them every time you use them up, you won't spend that much money.

5.Does it have lube strips?

Lube strips are strips of lubrication found in a lot of cartridge razors like Gillette and Schick. These strips provide lubrication and some protection from nicks and cuts. Variants that are marketed for sensitive skin contain ingredients like Aloe Vera that works well for sensitive skin.With that said, unless you have a beard on your upper lip and chin, these lubrication strips aren't enough.Men with long beards need more than just lubrication to protect their skin.


Handle is another important feature to notice because this is where you hold the razor. Look for something with a good enough ergonomic design that it doesn’t slip yet still comfortable to grip.

Top Razors for Sensitive Skin Reviews

1.ES-LT41-K Arc3 3-Blade Electric Razor, Cordless by Panasonic. It has a pivoting head that glides effortlessly for a cleaner and more accurate shave.

2.Mach3 Men's Disposable Razor, Sensitive by Gillette comes with Lubrastrips to ensure a smoother glide. It comes with an Elastomer Handle.

3.BIC’s Twin Select, Sensitive Skin promises a safer, closer, and a more comfortable shave. It comes with a longer handle for better control and more maneuverability.

4.Schick’s Intuition Sensitive Care Razor for Women comes with a pivoting head to follow a woman’s natural curves. It is enriched with Aloe and Vitamin E to moisturize skin while shaving.

5.3-Blade Women Shaver, Cordless by Betevo Yuchan. Designed for women, it promises a painless shave with its three-in-one blade design.


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