The Best European Cruises

Want to experience Europe from the comfort of a cruise ship? If so, then you'll want to make sure you visit at least one of the continent's best cruise destinations. We rate the top three European cruise options as those traveling to Rome, Barcelona or Oslo. Each cruise route offers something uniquely memorable, and finding great deals on these cruises is easier given the number of cruise lines that travel to these ports. Which of these top three European cruises should you consider for your vacation? To learn more, check out these common myths and facts about these amazing cruise destinations.

8 Active Myths | Suggest a Myth
FACT: Barcelona is more than just a giant beach party.

Many people who've traveled to Barcelona have made the mistake of overusing their swimwear. Barcelona's beaches are legendary, and anything goes when lounging on the sand, frolicking in the surf or playing beach volleyball. However, once you leave the beach then you'll want to be properly clothed.

MYTH: People in Barcelona aren't friendly.

Travelers who go to Barcelona often get the impression that they're not welcome. This isn't true -- the people in Barcelona are definitely relaxed and friendly, but culturally they don't typically strike up conversations with people not in their social circles. Also, waiters and waitresses in Barcelona don't work for tips, which can lead to less-polished customer service than what Americans are accustomed to back home.

MYTH: Rome isn't safe for travelers.

Rome has a bad reputation for verbal harassment against women and for pickpockets at major tourist sites. It's true that Italian men have traditionally been more aggressive with their pickup lines, and their actions would be socially frowned upon in the United States. However, this has improved over the years. And while pickpockets are still a problem, this threat is easily minimized by being aware of your surroundings and not carrying all of your valuables.

FACT: Booking a European cruise is a great way to streamline visiting these popular destinations.

Booking travel arrangements can be difficult, especially when trying to lock down hotel and transportation accommodations in non-English-speaking countries. Booking a European cruise vacation is a great way to simplify your nuts-and-bolts travel arrangements so that you don't need to stress about your once-in-a-lifetime getaway.

FACT: The Vigeland Sculpture Park is the world's largest sculpture park.

The Vigeland Sculpture Park is one of many amazing places where tourists can appreciate art and history. This park is open all year and includes 650 of sculptor Gustav Vigeland's most prized works. You can also learn more about this world-famous sculptor at the Vigeland Museum is Oslo.

MYTH: Cruises don't give me enough time at these European travel destinations.

The most popular cruise lines offer a variety of itineraries for these world-famous travel destinations, which means you can likely find a trip that gives you the time need to be content with your stops. You just need to be patient and be sure to compare as many European cruise deals as possible.

MYTH: Oslo, Norway is a bad place to travel with children.

This statement couldn't be any more false. Oslo has plenty to do for people of all ages. Parents can take their kids mountain biking, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, boating and more. There's also plenty to see and do in the city.

MYTH: Rome's tourist attractions are not worth the crowds.

Haven't you always wanted to see the Colosseum, St. Peter's and the Pantheon? Yes, there are large crowds at these destinations, but the amazing significance of these historic attractions makes the crowds completely worthwhile. Don't be discouraged by the grousing of other travels who were fortunate enough to visit these places themselves. You won't regret laying eyes upon these unforgettable places.