Best 5 Razors for Women with Sensitive Skin

There are many myths about the causes of sensitive skin and what effect shaving may have on this condition. The first ‘truth,’ is that shaving in the right way and with the right razor plays a much bigger role than most women think in helping to keep skin calm and healthy looking. In this article, the best five razors for women with sensitive skin will be talked about, which could help you make the right choice.

Based on a survey of US dermatologists, 82% agree that irritation from shaving can be confused with having sensitive skin. Many women, though, continue to believe the skin irritation they experience after shaving is just another manifestation of their sensitive skin and believe there’s little they can do about it. Often women feel shaving less frequently is a solution to eliminating their sensitive skin issues. In many cases, however, it may not be your skin—it may be your razor, because the irritation you experience after shaving is heavily impacted not only by your skin type, but by the way in which you shave or the razor you choose to use.

Schick Intuition

When it comes to sensitive skin, Schick is a very prominent brand. It’s why we’ve got the Schick brand appearing three times in a list of 5. Still, not all models are created equal and I like the Intuition for good reason — it’s got shave cream right on the razor. This helps me get a moisturized and smooth shave on my dry skin.

  • Just wet and shave; no need for shaving cream
  • Lotion block is made of natural and hypoallergenic materials like rose oil, cocoa butter, and aloe
  • Reasonable price
  • Leaves skin soft and silky
  • Ideal for teens who are just getting into shaving

Gillette Venus Embrace

Along with the Intuition, Gillette’s Venus Embrace is one of the best budget razors you can buy for sensitive skin. In the case of the Embrace, water activates a ribbon of moisture for a smooth shave.

  • Very good reviews
  • Gives an excellent close shave without nicks and cuts
  • Can navigate hard-to-shave areas like knees and ankles
  • Though not designed for it, it can be used in shaving down there too
  • Has 5 blades in comparison to Intuition’s 4
  • You’ll buy this again and again

Schick ST2

These are my go-to razors when going out on a trip. They’re cheap and disposable so I won’t cry if I break them on the way or forget them in an AirBnB cabinet.

  • Cheap; you get 12 razors in a pack so it’s roughly a dollar each
  • Has a lubrication strip that helps the razor to glide more easily on skin
  • If you don’t like the hassle of taking care of the higher priced shavers, you can just buy a pack of these and dispose of them often
  • Work as advertised

Gillette Venus Oceana

If you want more bang out of your buck but can’t afford the Embrace refills, check out the Venus Oceana. For a couple of dollars more, you get a total of 6 shavers for one purchase.

  • Work very well for sensitive skin
  • Have aloe strips that help the razor glide on your skin; leaves a nice smooth lotion feel after a shave
  • Great value for the price
  • Used in all areas including the legs, armpits and bikini area
  • These are one of the best disposable razors you can buy from stores

Schick Xtreme 3

The Extreme 3 is not my first choice for either a premium or disposable shaver. However, it works for many other people hence its place in my Top 5.

  • Affordable; you can get these in a pack of 1, 3, or 4
  • Great for sensitive skin because of the aloe, Vitamin E, and shea butter components
  • Not the closest of shaves but gets the job done


-By Acolades
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