Top Myths About Alaskan Cruise Lines

Alaskan cruise lines are a great way to explore the beauty of Alaska while enjoying a wide array of on-board activities. Nearly every major cruise line has cruises to Alaska, but for those who prefer a smaller cruise experience, there are also several lesser-known cruise lines that offer Alaskan cruises, as well. When visiting Alaska, you'll see breathtaking scenery and experience rich culture, making Alaskan cruises a popular option for young and old alike. When considering an Alaskan cruise line, keep in mind there are many myths you may still believe. Keep reading to learn the facts and fiction about Alaskan cruise lines! 

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FACT: June, July and August are the best times for an Alaskan cruise

If you want to experience all the beauty of Alaska, without the bone-chilling temperatures, June, July and August are a prime time to go on an Alaskan cruise! 

MYTH: There's not really anything interesting to do in Alaska

Many people overlook Alaskan cruises as an option because they think there's nothing exciting to do in Alaska, compared to more exotic destinations, like the Caribbean. However, in addition to the stunning scenery, there are many exciting adventures to enjoy that are unique to Alaska, including helicopter rides up to a glacier, dog sledding and more. 

MYTH: Cruises to Alaska are boring.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that cruises to Alaska aren't as exciting as cruises to other destinations, like the Caribbean, but Alaska has a beauty and culture all its own that can be just as enjoyable as any other destination. Spend some time researching sights and events in Alaska, and you're sure to find something you'll enjoy. 

FACT: Some sights in Alaska will someday be gone, so you should see them while you can.

One of the most popular sights in Alaska - the glaciers - won't be around forever. Global warming is causing glaciers to melt at an unprecedented rate, so if you want to enjoy the majestic views of Alaskan glaciers, you should definitely plan a cruise, before they're gone.

FACT: Alaskan cruises can be significantly less expensive than other destinations.

Because Alaskan cruises are still gaining in popularity, they tend to be significantly cheaper than other cruises. If you're looking for a cruise that won't break the bank, you should definitely consider an Alaskan cruise. 

MYTH: Alaskan cruises are too cold to enjoy anything off the ship.

There's no doubt that Alaska can get very cold, especially for people who are used to warmer weather. However, there are several months of the year that have beautiful weather in Alaska, so if you're worried about low temps, plan your trip for one of the warmer summer months, instead!

MYTH: Young people don't go on cruises.

While many elderly people do enjoy cruises to Alaska and other destinations during their retirement, many young and middle-aged people also enjoy cruises! The idea that only old people go on cruises is entirely false - people of any age can enjoy a cruise! 

MYTH: I'll get sick if I go on a cruise.

Some people avoid cruises because they're worried about getting sick, and while it's true that cruise ships are a prime environment for a virus to spread, taking simple steps like washing your hands frequently and using hand sanitizer can usually help you avoid getting sick on your cruise.