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    ABC Family Is Now Freeform & Everyone's Freaking Out About It

    Most likely as a result of growing fandom for the internet's most tweeted about TV show of all time, Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family has rebranded itself under a new name known as Freeform. Pretty Little Liars has been known to push the envelope, and it has propelled ABC Family to create more new shows to captivate their millennial viewers. And as of January 2016, ABC Family was left by the wayside and Freeform was born. Read all about the big switch and the rumors surrounding it here!

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    FACT: The new name signifies a major shift in the network's content.

    Now that the network has rebranded itself as Freeform, it's ready to push the envelope even more with its content. Freeform just introduced a new show called Recovery Road, bringing alcohol and drug addiction front and center on the network in a major way. Pretty Little Liars's new season has also proved to be much more intimate and revealing than ever before.

    MYTH: If a show got cancelled on ABC Family, it means it was never that great in the first place.

    There are plenty of reasons why a show may not have succeeded on the network, and they hardly have to do with how well the show was received. For example, the hit show Greek made its finale after four years because each season had up to 22 hour-long episodes, and had thoroughly covered an entire story arc. Other shows sometimes just don't get the initial attention they deserve as a result of ineffective advertising, and others may be cut short by a Writers Guild Strike or a network budget cut. A cancelled show doesn't always reflect on the show itself!

    FACT: Ravenswood isn't on Freeform, but it was on ABC Family.

    Ravenswood was a spinoff show of Pretty Little Liars, that was to be aired in the show's off-season, starring actor Tyler Blackburn who plays Caleb Rivers on the show. I. Marlene King, Pretty Little Liars' writer, wanted to create a show with more of the things her fans seemed to be wanting: a scarier, spookier show with more intrigue. Unfortunately, while it was received well by some, it didn't perform as well as the network had hoped and was cancelled after its first season on air. Tyler Blackburn's character still stars on Pretty Little Liars though, which is arguably the most popular show on the new Freeform.

    MYTH: There's nothing new on ABC Family!

    On the contrary! Over the past few years alone, ABC Family has released a number of new hit shows. Here's a few of them to start: The Fosters, Switched at Birth, Stitchers, Startup U, and Melissa and Joey.

    FACT: Parents weren't happy with the shift in content on ABC Family.

    Once known as the family-friendly channel, ABC Family's shift to more mature content that catered to its growing young adult audience upset many parents. This discontent with ABC Family's direction had a major influence on the network's decision to rebrand itself as Freeform.