8 Myths and Facts You'll Need to Know Before Buying a Used BMW X5

The BMW X5 is a nice car. There is absolutely no disputing that the BMW X5 is one of the more sought after SUVs. The great thing is, whether you want to invest in a brand new, current model X5 or be thrifty and by a used one, chances are you can find a great deal. Buying a used X5 can be a very wise decision, and not just to save money. There are many great reasons to buy a used BMW. Unfortunately, there are some myths about purchasing a used X5, but you can read on to learn more about those myths and facts you’ll need to know before buying a used BMW X5.

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MYTH: The BMW X5 has only been around for the last few years.

Luxury SUVs haven't always been on the market, but they've been around longer than you think. In particular, the BMW X5 emerged on the streets in 1999, making it almost 20 years old. That means there are plenty of used X5s for you to choose from to find your dream used car.

FACT: Depending on which year model you buy, you'll get a different engine.

BMW is known for consistently pursuing excellence in their vehicles, and that means that even successful models will change and evolve over time. Because of that, as time went on, X5 engines became either more streamlined or more powerful. A used 2016 X5 will get you a smooth and powerful engine that's been warmed up and ready for you.

FACT: You can still find a good warranty on an X5.

Depending on where you get it, you can get a warranty on a used car at the time of purchase. This might not be the case if you purchase your used X5 from an individual seller, and it also might not be the case if you buy one of the original year models, but anything beyond 2005 is likely to come with at least a limited warranty at reputable dealerships.

MYTH: Used BMWs cost just as much as new ones.

This one couldn't be further from the truth. Used BMWs are often the best way to determine if BMWs are the right brand for you. By buying a used X5, you can find out if making the admittedly hefty investment into a brand new BMW could be right decision for you, your family, and your budget.

MYTH: A used BMW X5 will seem outdated.

Part of the allure of a luxury SUV is all the advanced technology and fancy features. In some less elegant brands, it might be true that older models may seem obsolete. The beauty of the X5 is that the technology is simplistic and sophisticated, so you'll feel like you're flying fancy no matter what year it is.

FACT: The 2013 X5 is one of the most popular used BMWs.

The 2013 model year of the BMW X5 had some of the most significant improvements. Since 2013 was only a couple of years ago, consumers have realized that they can get modern luxury for almost half the price if they buy used. There are plenty of used 2013 X5s on the market.

MYTH: The tires will have to be replaced.

Many people think erroneously that tires need to be replaced when buying a used car. In most cases, the dealership you purchase your X5 from will tell you when the tires were replaced. If not, please make sure to remember to ask. Driving on tires that need replacing is dangerous.

MYTH: A used BMW X5 will need a lot of maintenance.

While it is only logical that an older car will have more issues than a newer one, BMWs are engineered to last. As long as you purchase your used X5 from a reputable used car dealership and make sure to get routine maintenance, you can keep that car running for years.