8 Myths and Facts About Online MBA Schools

Online MBA schools have grown in popularity over the recent years as technology has improved and prospective students have become more web savvy and comfortable with this form of education. Online MBA schools have experienced steady growth, providing students with the flexibility they need to achieve their dreams of higher education while still working and taking care of their families. Online programs tend to be more affordable than traditional programs, especially when factoring in the cost of commuting to and from school as well as room and board. Federal financial aid, available scholarships, and competency-based programs all help students foot the cost of online MBA programs. Due to outdated information, some perspective students may still be nervous about attending an online MBA school. Here are eight myths and facts about online MBA schools.

8 Active Myths | Suggest a Myth
FACT: Technical support for online MBA schools is easy to reach.

Most online MBA schools have technical support staff that can be reached at any time of the day or night. Students can get support through instant messaging, email, or phone. There may also be classes or online tutorials available.

MYTH: Online MBA schools are not affiliated with reputable business schools.

Some of the world’s top business schools offer online MBA programs. This means that not only are the online MBA programs reputable, they are perceived as impressive by businesses that are hiring.

MYTH: Online MBA classes are easier than traditional MBA programs.

Those who take classes through online MBA schools find that the classes are just as rigorous online as they are in person through traditional institutions. If anything, online classes can be tougher in a variety of ways.

FACT: Online MBA schools require students to have more discipline and independence than those in an on-campus MBA program.

Students who take online MBA classes have to be self-starting, as there’s nobody there to monitor whether or not they attend classes, participate to their full potential, and turn work in on time.

FACT: Online MBA schools require participation for graduation.

Many online MBA schools require in-person residencies, participation in group projects, and regular attendance in online classes. These requirements allow students to interact with professors and fellow students on a regular basis.

FACT: Online MBA schools provide an impressive amount of networking opportunities.

Because most online MBA schools require at least one on-campus residency, students receive ample opportunity to bond and network with peers and professors. These relationships can last long after the online MBA program is over.

MYTH: You have to be tech savvy to get a degree from an online MBA school.

While the first MBA programs offered online were difficult to navigate, this is no longer true. State of the art technology ensures that online MBA schools are easy to manage by students with a wide range of online skills.

MYTH: Professors in online MBA schools don’t interact one-on-one with students.

While this is a popular myth, it’s simply not true. In fact, how much contact students have with professors depends on the quality of the online MBA program. Online MBA schools with high faculty to student ratios are the best for those seeking professor interaction.