8 Myths and Facts About Laser Hair Removal for Women

Ladies who are considering laser hair removal have to weed through a lot of information, including the myths and facts surrounding this cosmetic procedure. In waging the war against unwanted body hair, women may turn to laser hair removal as a more permanent solution. This helps women bypass the dozens of creams, waxes, and razors that they must purchase throughout each year, spending hundreds of dollars at the drug store for these products. While laser hair removal can seem expensive, it may just be worth the money for women who want to get rid of unwanted body and facial hair once and for all. Using laser technology, trained cosmeticians remove facial and body hair by zapping the hair follicles. The heat from the laser kills the hair follicles so that hair does not continue to grow and existing hair falls out. Here are important myths and facts that women need to know when pursuing laser hair removal treatment.

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MYTH: Only one laser hair removal treatment is necessary.

Laser hair removal targets dark hair, which is hair that is actively growing. The hair that is resting is not destroyed, which is why women must undergo a minimum of six laser treatments in order to target all of the hair when it’s in growing phases.

FACT: Those undergoing laser hair removal treatments will undergo physical discomfort.

Since a laser is destroying hair follicles, it’s not unusual for patients to feel pain during the procedures. Many patients take a couple of over-the-counter pain relievers before their treatment begins.

MYTH: Laser hair removal causes hair to immediately fall out.

While laser hair removal is effective in killing hair follicles of dark-colored hair, the hair does not fall out immediately. It generally takes from ten to fourtneed days for hair to fall out.

FACT: Laser hair removal does not work on light-colored hair.

Because the laser targets the pigment in hair, it only destroys the follicles of dark-colored hair. Fair-haired women are not likely to see the results they want from laser hair removal procedures.

FACT: Laser hair removal requires touch-up sessions throughout the year.

While women might want laser hair removal to be permanent, it simply is not. Laser hair removal is more permanent than other options, but it still requires one or two touch-up sessions with a laser during the course of a year.

FACT: The touch-up laser hair removal sessions get rid of any leftover hair.

Some facial and body hair simply prove to be tough to destroy. The touch-up sessions make sure that all of the rebel hair falls out.

MYTH: Only light-skinned individuals can have laser hair removal treatments.

There is actually no skin type or tone that will not respond to laser hair removal. The success of laser hair removal has more to do with the color of the hair involved and not the texture or type of skin.

MYTH: Patients must shave before laser hair removal treatments.

While patients don’t have to shave before their laser hair removal appointments, the hair often does need to be shaved off. This simply means that the aesthetician removes the hair by dry shaving it before applying the laser.