8 Myths About the LG G5 Debunked

The LG G5 is an ambitious little phone taking on the concept of static hardware that you cannot customize. Until now, modular phones were strictly in the realm of innovative crowdfunding campaigns as consumers yearned for a phone they could update as they go – a new camera when their photography hobby takes off or a stronger battery when they plan to be outdoors for a while. While this phone doesn’t quite change the world yet, it makes a bold new impression on the mobile phone landscape by bringing the modular phone concept to the big leagues. Still, there are a lot of misconceptions about this dynamic and intriguing phone. Read on as the myths surrounding the LG G5 are debunked, separating fact and fiction.

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MYTH: The LG G5 has a lower resolution camera compared to other smartphones.

The G5 actually has two cameras in the back of the phone, a 16 megapixel camera and an 8 megapixel camera with a wide angle lens. The Galaxy S7, which is incredibly sought-after, only has a 12 megapixel camera, and the same is true of the latest iPhone.

MYTH: You can't add storage.

Like most Android phones, the LG G5 has storage capabilities that are easily upgraded with a micro SD card. With a removable battery, the LG G5 makes it easier than ever to upgrade your storage so you can keep taking photos of precious moments, and don't forget how many apps you can install.

MYTH: There are no good accessories for the LG G5.

There are actually two great accessories for the G5. One, the Cam Plus, allows you to add a shutter button and zoom wheel. It also comes with its own battery so you can boost battery life while you masterfully capture video. The second accessory is the digital-to-audio converter called the Hi Fi Plus. 

MYTH: The LG G5 is too expensive.

The LG G5 is a pricey phone, that is not disputable. However, it is in the same arena as the other hot smartphones on the market, namely the Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6S. In fact, it costs a little less than those phones. For what you get for the price, the G5 is an excellent bargain.

MYTH: The LG G5 is another design ripoff of the Galaxy.

The LG G5 is not really very comparable to the Galaxy, and not just because it is a modular phone designed to be upgraded piece by piece. Actually, the LG G5 has a superior camera and is better for procrastinating, which is what most people use their phones for nowadays. However, the Galaxy does have faster processing speeds, which can help people who use their phones for work.

MYTH: There aren't enough color options.

This one is a matter of opinion. For most people, the sole color option, great, is perfect. This is because a customizable phone will mostly likely be used with a phone cover to make it even more customized, and silver provides the perfect palette underneath any phone cover.

MYTH: The battery is difficult to remove.

The LG G5's main allure is the removable battery. Ever since smartphones started needing an authorized representative to change the battery, consumers have longed for a return to phones that can switch out batteries if necessary. The LG G5's battery is very easily removable.

MYTH: It can't take high definition video.

Actually, the LG G5 can take amazing video. The camera is impeccable and takes high definition pictures as well as video. Even better, the LG G5 has accessories that can enhance the video capture experience for the burgeoning filmographer in your family.