8 Myths About the iPhone SE

So what's the big deal with the iPhone SE? Sales figures for Apple's smallest iPhone have taken the industry by storm, and analysts even wonder whether Apple saw this coming. The 4-inch iPhone SE is pleasant to hold with rounded edges and a trademark glass and metal finish, and it includes several features found on newer (and larger) iPhone models. The screen is smaller, which does have some obvious drawbacks, but the screen is still large enough for people who don't require the absolute best hardware. Inside though, the small iPhone SE is as mighty as most other new smartphones on the market, and in some cases this phone might outperform its competitors. And let's not forget the cheaper costs of this smaller smartphone, allowing people who'd otherwise buy older phones to enjoy using a brand-new Apple product. Are you curious about this new phone? If so, ready on to read eight myths debunked about the new iPhone SE.

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MYTH: The iPhone SE is like a small version of the iPhone 5.

If anything, the iPhone SE is like a miniature version of the iPhone 6. It may look more like the iPhone 5, but its processor, rear camera and other features are much more on par with the newer model. This phone is proof that great things come in small packages.

MYTH: The iPhone SE's screen is too small for gaming.

While avid mobile gamers may prefer the larger screen of the iPhone 6 or 6S, the screen on the 4-inch iPhone SE is large and clear enough to play the latest games. The phone also packs a strong enough processor to make sure that any current smartphone apps will run nice and smooth.

MYTH: The iPhone SE isn't as powerful as the iPhone 6 or 6S.

The smaller iPhone SE is actually right on par with the 6 and 6S thanks to its high-powered innards. The SE features the A9 chip and M9 motion co-processor, which is the same setup as the iPhone 6S. The smaller phone also gets 2GB of RAM, which matches the 6S. From a performance standpoint, the new iPhone SE barely trails the 6S, and it's a small enough difference that most people would never notice.

MYTH: Accessing the iPhone SE is easier for strangers and thieves.

Secure your phone with Apple's Touch ID app, which requires a fingerprint (your fingerprint, to be specific) in order to unlock your phone. This app is compatible with the new iPhone SE, so you can be sure the only person who'll be using your phone is you.

MYTH: The new iPhone SE isn't compatible with a lot of today's fitness apps.

Just like the newest full-sized iPhones, the iPhone SE contains an M9 motion co-processor that tracks location, acceleration, steps, distance and orientation. This information helps the iPhone SE track your motion in a range of games and fitness apps.

MYTH: The SE isn't a great phone for selfies.

Think you looked good in selfies taken with your old phone? Just wait until you see what the SE can do. The new iPhone features a Retina display with a customized, built-in flash. Now you can take selfies in low lighting conditions or even at night, when your previous selfie attempts would have been useless.

MYTH: Battery life on the iPhone SE is subpar.

Battery life on the iPhone SE isn't quite as good as with the regular iPhone 6 or 6S, but it comes close. A full battery charge will easily take a person through a complete day of regular phone use. People who own the SE can eek out a few extra hours by putting their phones in low-power mode.

MYTH: The iPhone SE can't capture video in 4k resolution.

Apple's most powerful 4-inch phone ever is perfectly capable of capturing 4k-resolution video thanks to its powerful 12-megapixel camera. The SE's camera is paired with the Live Photos app that can help bring your pictures to life.