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8 Myths about the 2017 Ford Focus

Leading the way among affordable sedans is the 2017 Ford Focus, a sporty, comfortable car with high-tech features and a stylish appearance. Ford's popular sedan is relatively unchanged from previous model years, and according to consumer reviews that's a good thing -- the Focus is known for its excellent balance of fun, dependability and versatility. The 2017 Ford Focus did get some tweaks to its four main trim levels, and there are also the renowned Focus ST and Focus RS high-performance models. The great thing about the Focus is that it's a smart choice for first-time drivers as well as regular commuters. Thinking of scheduling a test drive? If so, read on to learn about eight common myths. The truth behind these myths can teach you a lot about the new Ford Focus and its various options.

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MYTH: The Ford Focus doesn't have an auto stop/start function.

The feature allows the car’s engine to stop when the car is sitting still or your foot is on the pedal, but is said to be rather noisy by drivers. Drivers have complained of a sort of ruckus with the stop/start function, finding it particularly annoying despite its intent to increase the car’s efficiency and limit auto emissions.

MYTH: The fuel economy of the new Focus is questionable.

Ford claims that the 2017 Ford Focus offers unparalleled fuel economy, but reviewers have stated that the real-world mileage has proved to be disappointing. Let the record show that Ford Focus’s MPG isn’t bad to begin with, but drivers were hoping for more impressive fuel economy with this new model.

MYTH: Nothing about the 2017 Ford Focus is better than before.

The 2017 Ford Focus is said to be an upgrade from the 2016 model, but it offers even less mileage than before, dropping from an overall MPG of 30 down to 25. This may be as a result of the optional switch to automatic transmission with its 1.0-liter engine. Despite this, it does offer a strong 40 MPG EPA highway rating.

MYTH: The 2017 Ford Focus isn't a quiet ride.

While a smooth drive was promised, Car and Driver reports that drivers will hear more than just a soft hum emanating from the drivetrain. The 2017 Ford Focus is not as quiet of a drive as many other fuel-efficient vehicles such as hybrids in particular. However, it's still relatively quiet.

MYTH: The 2017 Ford Focus has no competition.

While regularly touted as one of the top 10 sedans in the industry, this latest iteration may have finally been trumped by its competitors such as the Honda Civic, Chevy Cruze and Mazda 3. While the 2017 Ford Focus still has 5 seats, rumor has it that their back seats are quite compact and lack the necessary room to be a comfortable rear seat.

MYTH: The basic trim level doesn't offer many features.

The 2017 Ford Focus S comes with quite a number of features for an entry-level car. For starters, this basic trim gets keyless entry, automatic headlights, Ford MyKey, power locks and mirrors, a central display screen, Bluetooth compatibility, a CD stereo system with USB ports and more.

MYTH: All versions of the 2017 Ford Focus are slow.

The Ford Focus isn't a speed demon, unless you buy one of the high-performance models. In normal models, acceleration takes up to 10.2 seconds to shift from 0 to 60 mph, which is significantly slower than earlier 2.0-liter manual transmission Focus models, reaching 60 MPH within 7.9 seconds.

MYTH: The 2017 Ford Focus doesn't have many optional upgrades.

The 2017 Ford Focus does offer many strengths in this new model, such as the option for both automatic and manual transmissions, as well as strong safety features and technological advances. However, as this report suggests, not all claims regarding this car have been accurate! Here’s to Ford remedying drivers’ qualms with 2017’s model in their future redesigns.