8 Myths About One Day Bathroom Remodels That Have Homeowners in a Frenzy

One day bathroom remodels have become a popular way to give some much needed TLC to outdated or damaged bathrooms. While traditional bathroom remodels can take a lot of time and money, the one day bathroom remodel system can help take the stress and mess out of the renovation process. Companies that specialize in one day bathroom remodels can replace tub liners, wall surrounds, bathtubs, and complete bath and shower systems. Professionally trained installation crews can successfully update a bathroom customized to fit their clients’ budgets and needs, all within a day. Unlimited lifetime warranties on materials used ensure that customers will get the most value out of their investments. The top three one day bathroom remodel companies include Luxury Bath, The Bath Company, and Bath Planet. Here are eight myths about one day bathroom remodels that have homeowners in a frenzy.

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MYTH: A bathroom can’t really be remodeled in one day.

Because of the intensive design and preparation process, the materials are ready to go on the day of the remodel. The staff is highly trained and skilled, resulting in less mess and stress, and a bathroom that is done by the end of the day!

MYTH: Consumers need to pay for their one day bathroom remodel estimates.

Companies that specialize in one day bathroom remodels should not charge for estimates. Free in-home design estimates need to be included as a part of the overall service, even before homeowners have committed to any work. After the estimate is completed, homeowners can then decide which company is right for their needs.

MYTH: Doing a one day bathroom remodel does not add value to your home.

Over time, the housing market continues to prove that renovating a bathroom is an investment that adds to the value of a home. It makes sense to update an outdated or damaged bathroom for the present as well as the future.

MYTH: A one day bathroom remodel is too expensive to consider.

Renovating a bathroom using a one day bathroom remodel is one of the most cost-effective ways to update that space. Gutting and replacing everything in a bathroom is much more expensive than what’s provided in a one day bathroom remodel.

MYTH: Only some companies can claim that their materials are factory direct.

All one day bathroom remodel companies get their materials factory direct. Some companies may not choose to pass on those savings to their customers. It is essential for homeowners to get bids from a few different one day bathroom remodel companies before committing to one in particular.

MYTH: Not every one day bathroom remodel company offers warranties.

All manufacturers of the materials used in a one day bathroom remodel carry lifetime warranties. Companies should honor these warranties should their be any developing problem once the job is completed.

MYTH: The bathtub and shower liners do not fit all tubs and showers.

Most liners are manufactured to fit directly over bathtubs and showers. Should this not be the case, one day bathroom remodel companies can custom-fit the material over the existing tub and shower.

MYTH: The one day bathroom remodel materials cannot be customized.

These companies offer a wide range of designs, colors, and accessories to customize a bathroom fit for each person’s needs. Transforming a bathroom can take as little as a day, and give customers a space that they will love and appreciate for years to come.