8 Myths About Getting a Free iPhone 7

Trying to get your hands on a free iPhone 7? You've seen those ads for Apple's latest high-tech smartphone, and you're well aware of the numerous improvements to the phone's processor, camera, battery, ergonomics and more. You've seen the offers for free iPhone 7s from legitimate carriers like AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon. But what about those ads that appear while you're on your favorite social media app or browsing the web? Before you click, ask yourself is there really anything free in life? Yes, it is possible to get a free iPhone 7, but most of the free phone offers you see might actually be for devices you purchase with no money down. Here are eight myths surrounding free iPhone 7 that can help you find the best deal when you're shopping.

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MYTH: You can't get a truly free iPhone 7.

You can get a truly free iPhone 7! The best way to do this is become a product tester with Apple. You can get a free iPhone 7 and all you have to do is report to Apple about its performance and your user habits. You can also enter a range of contests in hopes of winning one.

MYTH: All I have to do is complete a couple of offers online and I get a free phone

Those popup offers are everywhere. With the introduction of the new iPhone 7, these offers popped up everywhere. If you click on one of these, you will be invited to complete sponsored offers. If you've ever done this, you will find that you are directed to multiple sites to complete a never ending number of offers. The frustration of these offers is that they never end and you are never clear on when your phone will be shipped. In frustration, you exit out of the offer. Now the fun starts - your email box is suddenly filled with more requests. If you provided your phone number, you might get calls for debt consolidation, online degrees, insurance and more.

MYTH: There are no strings attached to free iPhones.

While that sounds great, in reality, most carriers will give you a free phone if you agree to do something. You could be asked to sign a two-year contract. It is also possible that you will get credit for the phone's purchase price, but spread out over the length of the contract. Evaluate all offers and be sure to read the terms and conditions.

MYTH: I can just use my upgrade.

If you have a scheduled upgrade, you may be eligible to get the iPhone 7. However, if you're not eligible for an upgrade, the carrier might let you, but at a cost. Depending on your terms and conditions, you could wind up paying more than the value of the phone. Even with a scheduled upgrade, check to see if it's actually a good deal.

MYTH: You can only get a free iPhone 7 if you already have an iPhone.

Most carriers will accept Samsung Galaxy models in exchange for the iPhone 7. Be sure to ask the carrier if your phone qualifies for the trade-in. Verizon will only accept HTC M9,LG G4,Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge/edge+,iPhone 6,LG V10,and Galaxy Note 5. If you have an iPhone 5, you will not be able to get a free iPhone 7.

MYTH: If I switch carriers, I can take my phone with me.

It is important to read the fine print before you make a decision. If you sign a contract, the carrier is subsidizing the cost of phone. If you leave the contract early, more than likely you will still owe a balance on the phone.

MYTH: I don't have to sign a two-year contract.

This is partially true. Major carriers have tried to move away from contracts in recent years. While you may not be required to sign a contract, the agreement for the free phone will likely have a duration commitment. If you end your service before the duration, you will be required to pay a portion of the phone's purchase price. If you exchanged an old phone, you probably won't get this back. Nor will you get a credit for that old phone.This looks and feels like a contract. Without being redundant, make sure you ask for details and read the fine print.

MYTH: The carriers don't have any additional fees.

Look at the fine print on all deals. iPhone's sticker price is roughly the same no matter where you buy it. The difference comes with the fees. Carriers have activation and upgrade fees. Depending on your relationship with the carrier, these fees may be waived.