8 Myths About Doggy Day Care That Surprised Most Pet Owners

Considering doggie daycare as an option for your furry companion? Owning a dog or a puppy is a fun, rewarding experience -- but it's certainly not convenient, which is where dog daycare services can help. Just like child daycare centers, each dog daycare center is different, which means dog owners must do their homework to choose the best services for their needs. However, there are several myths about doggie day are that could wrongly influence people's decisions. Here we'll debunk eight myths about doggie day care that tend to surprise most pet owners.

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MYTH: Dogs aren't monitored at daycare centers.

Doggie daycare centers aren't free-for-alls. Dogs are monitored by staff members, and any dog that is sick or injured gets appropriate medical help.

MYTH: Doggie daycare centers don't exercise your dog.

Most dog daycare centers either have play areas or scheduled walk and play times. There are also places where your dogs can nap and have peace.

MYTH: Dog daycare centers aren't very sanitary.

Most dog daycare centers are cleaned on a regular basis to keep the environment clean and sanitary. You can ask each center you're considering how often cleanings take place.

MYTH: Dogs that go to daycare get separation anxiety.

Dogs may get separation anxiety if you leave them home alone, but that's why dog daycare exists! Dogs that go to daycare spend the day around other people and other dogs, in a setting where their needs are paid attention to. Many dogs who attend daycare are actually healthier emotionally and socially.

MYTH: Dogs at daycare pick up bad habits.

Dogs at daycare are supervised and tend to be well-behaved. The staff members at daycare center makes sure the clients stay in line. However, if this concerns you, then simply ask each center for information about their staffing and training requirements.

MYTH: Aggressive dogs aren't punished at dog daycare.

Many dog daycare centers have specific rules about aggressive dogs or dogs with aggressive behaviors. This includes sending dogs home for misbehaving. Just ask different daycare centers about their rules.

MYTH: Not all dogs at daycare have their required shots.

Most dog daycare centers also have rules about mandated shots and vaccinations, especially for puppies. This is to prevent the spread of harmful diseases and protect each and every dog in attendance.

MYTH: Dogs with special dietary needs can't go to daycare.

Most doggie daycare centers can accommodate dogs with special dietary and medical needs. You just need to provide the dog's foods or medications along with instructions for administration.