8 Myths About Daycare Every New Parent Needs to Be Aware Of

The decision to put your child in daycare can be an intimidating one, especially for new parents. From guilt over leaving your child in the care of strangers to not-so-helpful people spreading myths about daycare, it's no wonder so many parents struggle with the idea of enrolling their children in daycare. Daycare can be beneficial, however, not only for working parents, but also to children who attend daycare, but so much information floating around can leave many parents feeling uneasy. If you're considering daycare for your child, be sure you're making the decision with all the facts (and none of the myths) guiding your decision. Keep reading to learn the top eight myths about daycare that every new parent needs to be aware of. 

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MYTH: Daycare is bad for children

Daycare and preschool can actually be a great way for children to learn much-needed social skills, as well as get a jump on learning. The trick is to find a quality daycare center that is educationally-focused, whenever possible. 

MYTH: My child won't get the attention they need

If you choose a quality daycare center, your child will get all the attention he or she needs to thrive. Regulations require a limit to how many children can be left in the charge of one caregiver, based on the child's age, so you can rest assured that your child will not be neglected or left alone for long periods of time.

MYTH: Daycare is just glorified babysitting and has no value for my child

Many daycare centers are educationally-focused and include age-appropriate curricula to help your child learn basic skills. When searching for a daycare center, look for centers that include a curriculum for early-childhood learning. 

MYTH: Preschools are better than daycares after age three

While preschool can be a great option for parents, most preschools only keep children for a few hours per day. For working parents, this is not always ideal. Instead, opt for a daycare that incorporates learning in a preschool-type enviornment.

MYTH: My child will get sick if he or she goes to daycare

While it is true that kids tend to spread illness quickly, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Being exposed to common illnesses can actually help strengthen your child's immune system, making him or her less likely to be affected by common illnesses in the future.

MYTH: Daycare food is not healthy for my child

If you take your child to a properly licensed daycare center, there are specific requirements all meals must meet, so you can be assured your child is receiving a well-balanced diet while at daycare.

MYTH: Using a daycare will damage the bond I have with my child

This is a common fear for many new parents, but research has shown that children who go to daycare have just as much bond with their parents as children who do not attend daycare. They also tend to show better social skills and more independence than children who do not go to daycare.

MYTH: My child will learn bad habits by going to daycare

While it is true that your child will be exposed to various types of behavior in a daycare setting, a good daycare will also teach children which types of behavior are acceptable and which are not. This is a great stepping stone for children to learn socially acceptable behavior and prepare them for the school years ahead.