8 Myths About Comcast Cable

Comcast Cable is one of the premier cable companies in the country. Their Xfinity digital cable services already service millions of customers around the country. If you have another cable company you have been unhappy with due to poor service or lack thereof, it may be time to consider other options. Comcast offers quality cable service that unlike other providers rarely goes out. With Comcast Cable you’ll receive the best cable service possible and quality customer service with fast response times to any problems and inquires, should you have any. With that said, you may have heard some misconceptions about Comcast that you should be aware of. Discover why this summer is the time to switch to Comcast Cable. Here are the top 8 myths about Comcast Cable debunked.

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MYTH: It's too difficult to figure out what channels I'm getting when I choose a package.

While it might seem a little frustrating figuring out what exactly you are getting for your money, there are ways to figure it out which is relatively simple. For one, you can call and inquire which channels are tied to certain packages, but you may forget just what channels you are looking for. The best way to figure out what channels you'll get is to go online and search through tv plans. The website lists all channels and tells you what channels are available and which are not.

MYTH: Comcast appointment windows are too long.

Often cable companies will give you an appointment window, for installation or repair, that lasts several hours. You may wait for them all day just for them to show up after the appointment, but this is not the case with Comcast. With Comcast, you'll only have 2 hour appointment windows, which means little waiting and fast response times from a company that values your time and will pay you in the event of a late arrival.

MYTH: Comcast doesn't offer many channels.

Comcast actually offers many channels for your money. The Digital Starter is less that $50 and provides you with 140 channels.Their most expensive deal offers over 260 channels. No matter what interests you, Comcast can provide just the channels you are looking for. Even with their lower priced packages you can get premium channels such as HBO.

MYTH: Comcast doesn't offer enough packages.

Comcast actually offers a number of great packages featuring a wide variety of channels. If there are only certain channels you are looking for, but you don't want to have to pay for hundreds of other ones that you don't need, there's likely a package out there to meet your particular needs. To give you a little perspective, Comcast offers over 10 different packages.

MYTH: Comcast has poor customer service.

This one is definitely a myth. In fact, Comcast prides itself in having the best customer service possible. By giving Comcast a call, shooting an email or even initiating a chat, a customer service representative will address any questions or concerns you have in a timely manner. Their response time is only match by their eagerness to help you with any problem you may have. Although most cable companies prove the contrary, Comcast aims for the opposite using well-trained customer service representatives that are great with people.

MYTH: Comcast doesn't offer foreign language channels.

This is especially false. Comcast offers over 60 Spanish channels including Galavision. With packages like the X1 Double Play, you'll get all the Spanish speaking channels that Comcast has to offer. Comcast prides itself in offering culturally diverse channels for Spanish speaking customers and their families. Additionally, they offer international channels from countries like Germany, Brazil and South Asia.

MYTH: Comcast is too expensive.

In comparison to most cable companies, Comcast is actually one of the more affordable cable companies out there. With the variety of packages available, you can find a cable package that fits your budget. Most of the packages can be purchased for less than $100. Meanwhile, if you are on a strict budget, an Economy package can be purchased for less than $40. 

MYTH: Prices will be the same no matter where you live.

Unfortunately this is not true, whch may be good or bad depending on where you live. Prices will vary depending on your location. You may be paying more or you may be paying less for the same package as another. Additionally, certain packages may not be available in your area.