8 Myths About Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Cloud computing technology consists of remote servers stored in a cloud that allow data to be stored, processed, and managed. This allows small business owners and employees to be able to access and collaborate on all of their documents, from any device, without having to keep anything on one's personal computer or local server. Cloud computing has quickly become among the most popular technologies in businesses, and small businesses are seeing a great deal of value in the investment as well. But before deciding which type of cloud computing solution has the best features for your small business needs, it is especially important to do your due diligence first. Read on to find out about the top myths regarding cloud computing that will help you make the right selection.

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MYTH: Data won't be secure in the cloud.

While it's difficult to say that data is more secure in any one place, you can rest assured that the security of your data in the cloud will be the responsibility of your cloud hosting provider, rather than just your own problem. If you find a strong, reputable cloud host, they will likely offer many securities such as encryptions and firewalls to protect your data.

MYTH: Cloud services are harmful to the environment.

On the contrary! Utilizing private cloud computing solutions is rather eco-friendly, considering the lack of on-site data centers when you use remote servers. As for remote servers themselves, they are known to pioneer the most power-efficient technologies and maintain a commitment to manufacturing the greenest data centers there are.

MYTH: Cloud computing is unreliable.

This technology is no longer in its infancy - it has become widely adopted and is at the forefront of IT. Many would argue that cloud computing is more reliable than local servers, and especially more reliable than storing data on a personal computer, considering that all your files could be lost if the device was harmed. Backing up files in the cloud is the most reliable place to store data you don't want to lose.

MYTH: Migrating data to the cloud is a greater hassle than it's worth.

Actually, moving your data over to the cloud is virtually seamless - especially with the help of an experienced cloud services hosting provider. While the migration itself may seem like a hassle, the long-term benefits greatly outweigh the short-term inconvenience (if any).

MYTH: Cloud computing is too expensive for me!

Considering that there is no need to purchase or install any servers of your own, cloud computing can actually save you a great deal of money. All of the costs involved in maintenance of remote servers is included as well, so it's practically a guarantee that you will be saving money by switching to private cloud computing.

MYTH: Cloud computing technology won't last.

It will certainly last longer than your own tech devices. More than 50% of businesses have adopted the cloud since 2015, and it is expected to surpass personal computers in the digital age.

MYTH: The cloud is an actual cloud.

Afraid not. It's just what we call the technology of gigantic remote servers of computers that are storing your data for you!

MYTH: Cloud computing is for geeks!

Personal cloud computing has become so widespread and adaptable to individual and organizational needs that it really is suitable for everyone. Cloud services are extremely intuitive and user friendly these days, and can be customized to specifically suit your small business's needs.