8 Myths About Beard Re-Growth Products

Beards are making a big comeback, and that's leaving many men scrambling to find a beard growth product that works to help them grow fuller, thicker beards, without the unsightly patches. Several beard growth supplements have recently hit the market, with vitamins and minerals specifically chosen for their beard-growth boosting potential, and many of them may be beneficial when trying to grow out your beard. The top three beard growth supplements are VitaBeard, Beardilizer and Beard Grow XL. Keep reading to learn the top myths about beard re-growth products, so you can determine which is right for you.

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MYTH: Beard growth supplements are the only products for beard regrowth

There are several other products you can use to regrow your beard, including products such as Rogaine, which can be used alone or in conjunction with beard regrowth supplements. In addition, following a good skincare routine that includes exfoliation can be very helpful in regrowing your beard.

MYTH: Beard regrowth supplements and products will work for everyone

There are some people who simply won't be able to achieve the thick, full beard of their dreams, whether due to genetics or a condition that affects hair growth. The best way to know if a product will work for you is to try one of the top supplements for at least a few weeks to see if you achieve the desired results.

MYTH: Beard regrowth supplements should start working right away

No credible beard regrowth supplement or product will over overnight results, so regardless of which option you choose, you will need to wait several weeks, at minimum, to see results. In addition, these supplements work by taking them regularly, so you must be sure to take your supplement exactly as recommended in order to see results. 

MYTH: A beard will grow back thicker and fuller if shaved regularly

Contrary to popular belief, shaving does not change the texture or fullness of your beard. This myth likely stems from the fact that shaved hair feels more coarse as it grows back, making the hair feel (temporarily) thicker and fuller. Shaving will not, however, cause your beard to grow back any fuller or thicker than it was before shaving.

MYTH: There are no side effects when using hair regrowth supplements or products

While side effects from using supplements are typically minor and rare, they can occur. The most common side effect is an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients used in the supplement or product. If you're concerned about side effects, talk to your doctor about your options.

MYTH: Beard regrowth products should never be combined

While it is true that you should not combine beard regrowth supplements, there is generally no reason you can't combine other products with your supplement routine. For example, many men choose to use Rogaine or other products as a topical treatment, while also taking supplements. If in doubt, however, you should consult your doctor before using multiple products. 

MYTH: A regular multivitamin is just as good as a beard growth supplement for growing out my beard

While you could simply choose a multivitamin and see some benefits in beard regrowth, beard growth supplements are specifically formulated with a blend of of vitamins and minerals known to aid in facial hair regrowth, specifically. 

MYTH: Beard regrowth products only help grow a beard, but nothing else

The top three beard growth supplements not only help you regrow your beard, but will also help your beard grow back softer and fuller. In addition, the vitamins found in beard regrowth formulas are beneficial to your overall health and wellness.