8 Facts and Myths About Those Shaving Subscription Clubs

Tired of overpaying for razor blades at the store? If so, then perhaps you should join one of those shaving subscription clubs you keep hearing about on TV. These shaving clubs -- with the most popular being the Dollar Shave Club -- offer discounted prices on razor blades and shave kits sent straight to your door. The whole point of these clubs is to make it easier and cheaper to shave without needing to wait until your razor is scraping your face raw. Start and stop your shave subscriptions at any time, try different razors and pay a single affordable fee. These subscriptions also make great gifts to any man who shaves. Of course, with any new trend comes widespread myths and facts. Read on to learn the truth about these incredible shaving subscription clubs.

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FACT: The supplies are lower in quality than what you would get at the store.

This is a myth. Actually, many people have reported that the supplies that they get in these clubs are of higher quality than the ones that they get at the store. Considering that it is also an added convenience to be able to obtain them without having to go to the store, many people would see this as the better deal.

FACT: Shaving clubs are partially the result of an increased focus on male grooming.

This one appears to be true. You can tell this just by looking at all of the labels at your local drugstore. There are more grooming products available for men than ever before, including Nivea Men, L'Oreal Men Expert, ManCave Natural Skincare, and many more. This interesting phenomenon is only expected to increase in the future.

FACT: Shaving subscription clubs are convenient.

This one is true, and it is actually fairly obvious. There are many men who likely used to make trips to the pharmacy just because they were out of razors or shaving cream, and now they do not have to do this. They can simply estimate the quantity of the supplies that will be needed for a given time period, and they can order accordingly.

FACT: Subscribing to one of these clubs is cheaper than buying the supplies at a store.

This one is actually true. This is actually true of many different types of subscription clubs online. One of the big draws of these opportunities to subscribe for items is that they will come to you at a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay at a store. For anyone who is looking to save money, this might be a great option.

FACT: There are options for men of all types.

This is true. Whether you just want a no-nonsense shaving experience or you actually like to pamper yourself, you can find a subscription that is a good fit for you. Someone who wants just the basics can find that in DollarShaveClub or Harry's, while the more high-maintenance guy can enjoy a subscription to LuxuryBarberBox or BirchboxMan.

MYTH: They only include shaving cream and razors.

This one is actually a myth. Shaving subscription clubs can include far more than just the basic supplies. They also often come with supplies such as preshaves, skin soothers, balms, bar soaps, beard oils, shampoos, and moisturizers. Many people do not use all of these supplies, but they are available for the men who do want incorporate these items into their grooming rituals.

FACT: There are options for all different budgets.

This one is true as well. Though you should keep in mind that the more expensive subscriptions will likely have more materials that are also higher quality, there are subscriptions that can fit pretty much any budget. Whether you want to spend $3 or $30 per month on your shaving supplies, there is something for you.

MYTH: All shaving clubs are the same.

This is a myth. Many people would assume that all of the Shaving subscription clubs are the same, and people do not need to do a lot of shopping around in order to find the right one. However, this is not necessarily the case. These clubs have differences between them that are perhaps only subtle enough that people who do a lot of shaving will see.