8 Budget Wedding Myths Debunked

Wedding on a budget? No worries! “Affordable” and “Wedding” aren’t two words you see together very often, but you can if fact have a wedding ceremony that is affordable. While many assume that you have to be willing to spend big to have a beautiful ceremony, this couldn’t be further from the truth. By being smart and budgeting wisely, you can have the wedding ceremony you’ve always dreamed about without spending ridiculous amounts of money. By searching for budget-friendly venues near you and utilizing the right ideas, you can come up with the perfect wedding and nobody will even be able to guess how much you spent on it. If you are currently planning a wedding ceremony, it’s important to be wary of the many misconceptions out there about budget weddings. Here are the 8 budget wedding myths debunked.

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MYTH: Spending less on a wedding means you don’t love the person as much.

This is a hilarious misconception that has spawned the conflict of many romantic comedies, but it isn’t the truth. There is absolutely no shame in spending less on a wedding. There is no prize for spending more, and you spending more doesn’t mean you love your spouse more than your friend does. On the contrary, those that end up spending less on a wedding usually have longer-lasting marriages – likely because of less financial hardship.

MYTH: The venue will cost the most.

This is actually where you can end up saving the most on your wedding. You can save a ton of money by finding venues near you, that will allow you to hold your ceremony for little to no money. By calling around, you may be surprised at what you learn. One excellent place that can help you find local venues that are budget friendly is a website called Here Comes the Guide, which displays low-cost venues to fit your budget.

MYTH: It’s not a real wedding invitation unless it has two envelopes.

Wedding invitations no longer need to be the big extravagant displays that they were in the past, with an envelope within an envelope and a design that could end up costing you hundreds of dollars. These days, wedding invitations can be a whole lot simpler, even a uniquely designed postcard you send through the mail will do just fine.

MYTH: You need to leave room for each invitee to bring a guest.

This is no longer an expected custom. If you know a couple that is married, be sure to add the person to the invitation. But if you just want your friend or family member to come without bringing a stranger, that is fine and will help you save a lot of money. Every person you invite is more money down the drain. You aren’t obligated to include a plus-one on your invitation.

MYTH: The wedding dress has to be white.

This is a costly mistake that will just end up costing you more. While you can select that beautiful white dress you’ve always wanted, know that it will probably cost you the most. But if you are doing it just for the sake of tradition, you may open yourself up to a whole lot more options by choosing a colored dress that you like a whole lot more.

MYTH: Buffets will help you save more on food.

This is actually false. Unless your wedding reception is at Sizzler, buffets are not less expensive than plates. Keep in mind that with buffets, you actually need more food and more food means more money. With controlled portions, you’ll actually be able to save more. So, skip the buffet and serve your friends a family a three-course meal, because it may actually be cheaper.

MYTH: Cupcakes are less expensive than a cake.

Believe it or not, it isn’t the size of the cake that makes a wedding cake so expensive. It is the decorating. So, if you ditch a fancy cake, for fancy cupcakes instead, you may not save any money at all. And in fact, you could end up spending even more. If you want to save money, the simplest wedding cake design is probably the best one.

MYTH: You should rent the groom’s suit.

Renting a suit for the groom might seem like a good idea, but all the little add-ons for the suit could end up costing you a ton. It may actually be a better idea to buy a suit. Buying a suit is a good investment, because you never know when you’ll need it for work, a fancy night out for dinner or even the next big event.