7 Crazy Myths About Standing Desks...Debunked!

Not too long ago, nobody questioned the sanctity of the average Joe desk. It was simply considered the standard and to be expected, and substitutes were few and far between. Ever since the Silicon Valley tech boom, however, companies around the world have started to praise the perks of a standing desk versus their outdated sitting ones. You may be among the many who still wonder if the reviews are all overhyped, and if the benefits of a standing desk are simply too good to be true. Read on to uncover the myths of the standing desk and why it may - or may not - be the best thing for you.

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MYTH: My company would never pay for a standing desk!

While it might take some convincing, many office-centric businesses have joined the standing desk movement. The best way to ask your company would be to position the standing desk as a worthy investment and to consider it a healthcare initiative for your fellow employees. It's always worth asking! If they won't buy you a whole new desk, perhaps they'd go for one of the cheaper add-ons that you can place on top of your desk to transform it into a standing one.

FACT: Standing desks are really expensive.

Yes, this is true...but it doesn't necessarily have to be. Standing desks can range from the mid-hundreds to the thousands, with a variety of advanced technologies, controls, and finishes that make them especially competitive in the market. Of course, such prestige comes with a hefty price tag. However, there are plenty of DIY hacks online for creating your own standing desk at much more affordable prices. There's even a $22 hack made from spare IKEA parts!

FACT: Sitting could very well be more dangerous than smoking.

Studies have shown that sitting for extended periods of time may be more dangerous than smoking in that it increases blood pressure and risks of cardiovascular problems, along with a number of other major health issues. Sitting for 6+ hours per day also puts people at a much higher risk for developing diabetes! Who knew?

MYTH: Standing all day is the healthiest way to work.

Standing all day isn’t the answer, as generally too much of anything isn’t a good thing. Standing intermittently throughout the day, along with sitting, is the healthiest thing for the body. Standing for too long can strain the lower back and legs, and cause health problems of its own – especially without maintaining good posture!

MYTH: Having a standing desk would mean I can't actually sit at my desk anymore.

Many manufacturers and brands make chairs specifically for standing desks. These tall chairs are perfect for the high height of the desk, and allow you to give your legs a break, kick back, and relax. There are several different kinds of stools as well used to sit at standing desks, or even some hybrid chairs used to ergonomically perch at the standing desk!

FACT: A person could have a standing desk without having to give up their sitting desk.

That's right! Standing desks come in all shapes and sizes, but what's more, many of them come in an adjustable sit/stand form. Some standing desks are height adjustable with a lever or crank, while others are electronic, and some even have one side of their desk elevated for standing with the other side lowered for seating! There are many options for having both a seated and a standing desk, and all are offered in a huge range of prices.

FACT: Sitting is now considered the cancer of our generation.

Unfortunately, this is true. Too much sitting can cause a great number of health problems such as obesity, weight gain, back problems, and cancer risk! Studies have shown that even if you are a marathon runner, sitting for prolonged periods of time can completely undo the effect of all of that exercise. Staying active in general helps reduce these risks, but sitting for more than 6 hours per day has been shown to be one of the worst things we can do with our bodies today.